Thursday 07 July 2022

KonaRed Corporation announces strong growth in Q3 2016 quarterly revenue

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KOLOA, Hawaii – KonaRed Corporation yesterday announced strong growth in third quarter revenue. During the three month period ended September 30, 2016, KonaRed’s comparative revenue grew by 132 percent.

From $174,000 in Q3 2015 to $404,000 in Q3 2016. Revenue for the comparative nine month period grew by 34% from $587,000 to $789,000.

KonaRed’s new line of Cold Brew Coffees accounted for 76% of sales for Q3 2016’s three month period and 54% for the nine month period. During the year to date respective three month periods, Cold Brew sales increased from $22,000 in Q1 to $99,000 in Q2, and to $307,000 in Q3, representing quarterly growth for Q1 to Q2 of 350% and 210% for Q2 to Q3.

KonaRed’s President & COO Kyle Redfield commented, “We’ve been working very hard to acquire new customers and build a distribution network to capitalize on the line of Cold Brew Coffees we introduced in February 2016.

Quarter three results prove we’re now getting traction. Particularly interesting is a sizable component of Cold Brew Coffee sales growth is from repeat customers and re-orders are accelerating.

This shows us our established customers and regions still have a lot of room for growth, as do new regions and customers we will be expanding into in the near future. Cold Brew is now KonaRed’s major marketing focus and consumer demand drove expansion of our Cold Brew Coffee line from 3 to 5 products in August.”

Cold brewed coffee is a booming new market sector and KonaRed has emerged early as a leader in this new category.  Cold brewed coffee is expected to go down as one of the top food and beverage trends in 2016, and into 2017.

KonaRed offers ready-to-drink Original, Hawaiian Vanilla, Espresso, Maui Mocha and Kauai Caramel Cold Brew Coffee flavors in 12oz glass bottles with eye-catching labels. These products have won multiple industry and consumer awards and now appear on major retail shelves throughout the Western US and New York.

President & COO Redfield continued, “We believe our use of Kona Coffee as a key ingredient is a major draw for consumers because they appreciate the richer flavor of our premium product.

We are now forecasting a year over year doubling of KonaRed’s total sales based on the success we’re now experiencing as a company. We are at the front end of a major trend with Cold Brew Coffee and foresee we will benefit significantly from gaining our early foothold.”

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