Tuesday 04 October 2022

King Car is introducing UTZ single origin coffee to Taiwan

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King Car is bringing customers a new 100% UTZ certified coffee line to savor with their launch of Mr.Brown Java Blawan Estate coffee. Launched in October 2015, this specialty coffee comes in 250g packages of whole beans and is available exclusively at Carrefour Taiwan.

King Car- Java Blawan Estate coffee King Car is one of the largest coffee importers in Taiwan with over 35 years of experience and commitment to quality assurance. Going one step further, they have partnered with UTZ to source single origin coffee beans from Indonesia, Java Blawan Estate for use in their Mr.Brown brand.

The beans from the Java Blawan Estate are known around the world for their full body and unique nutty chocolate flavor notes. This is a coffee that is both refreshing and complex.

Alex Lee, Research & Development Specialist at King Car, explains why they are excited to partner with UTZ for this launch:

“What motivates us with this new UTZ product is the increasing awareness for certified agricultural products and environmental sustainability among Taiwanese consumers (and plus, we also bored with having just a couple of UTZ products!).”

Taiwanese consumers can pick up a bag of Java Blawan Estate coffee for themselves at Carrefour Taiwan or enjoy other variations of UTZ ground drip coffee and UTZ whole bean coffee at other supermarkets, local stores and Mr. Brown Café chains throughout Taiwan.

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