Sunday 05 February 2023

Kimera Koffee pairs local coffee beans with a boost of brain vitamins

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CORAL GABLES, FL, U.S. – Kimera Koffee imbued the Dominican Republic’s finest ground coffee beans with brain and energy boosting vitamins to create a whole new beast.

Their unique roasts feature locally grown, single-estate artisan coffee beans that are packed with 725mg of premium grade Nootropics—specialized all-natural amino acids that are proven to help increase focus, power output, and cognition.

“My friends and I were drinking coffee and taking vitamins separately to boost our workouts and have a more productive workday,” explains Kimera Koffee co-founder Frankie Pimentel. “We quickly realized these were incredibly synergistic products and they deserved to be paired.”

After one year of development and 52 prototypes, Kimera Koffee was born.

The brand’s name is derived from the mythological Chimera—a hybrid of two different creatures.

“Our logo is a half man, half-beast that represents you as a person and who you want to become,” said Pimentel. “We’re trying to encourage people to evolve and strive for better, and our coffee can give them the tools to do that.”

The brand has quickly become a favorite of athletes, including fitness star Jujimufu from America’s Got Talent!

They’ve also earned the “Amazon’s Choice” label for strong sales, good feedback, and great customer service, as well as seen an average of 10% sales growth month over month since their launch in 2015.

“As proud Dominicans, we’ve always wanted to create a product that showcases what our country has to offer. Kimera was the perfect solution,” said Pimentel.

Currently they offer 2 distinct roasts—Regular and Jujimufu Dark–as well as complimentary products including their Kimera Kacao and Kimera Seed Stack.

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