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Keurig Dr Pepper Canada launches coffee makers made with recycled plastic

Keurig Dr Pepper Juliette Hickman

MONTREAL, Canada – Keurig Canada Inc., doing business as Keurig Dr Pepper Canada, announced today a key milestone in its sustainability journey with the launch of the new Keurig® K-Mini® and K-Mini Plus® coffee makers in matte black, made with at least 20% and 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, respectively. Since 2019, the organization has been building a business model that focuses on sustainability by improving its environmental impact with innovative solutions that create a new life and value for existing renewable sources of plastics found across Canada .

For this particular initiative, the Company is partnering with Lavergne, a Montreal -based global leader in second life plastic transformation, to develop and supply sustainably engineered resins for use in the Keurig® K-Mini® and K-Mini Plus® in matte black.

This work is critical to the advancement of Keurig Dr Pepper’s goal of using 30% PCR content across its packaging portfolio by 2025, as outlined in its corporate responsibility platform Drink Well. Do Good.

“The launch of these brewers represents a significant step forward in our sustainability journey as a company and our broader efforts to build a more circular economy in Canada ,” said Stéphane Glorieux, President, Keurig Dr Pepper Canada. “With Lavergne’s valued guidance and expertise, we have been able to reduce our use of virgin plastic, our energy consumption and our greenhouse gas emissions, while helping to give a useful second life to valuable materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

“We are pleased to collaborate closely with Keurig Dr Pepper Canada in our shared mission to make plastic manufacturing a more circular process,” said Jean-Luc Lavergne , President and Founder of Lavergne. “Importantly, we are already partnering with Keurig Dr Pepper Canada on the next phase: creating a complete closed-loop process that integrates recycled plastic from reclaimed Keurig coffee makers and turning them into new products.”

The Company is continuing to increase the use of PCR content in its coffee makers, including actively pursuing the inclusion of PCR in both Canada and the United States and expanding its use in future brewer innovations.

As a purpose-driven company, sustainability and recyclability are at the core of Keurig Dr Pepper Canada’s approach to business. Keurig Dr Pepper Canada is a co-founder of the Circular Plastics Taskforce, a collaborative initiative created with Danone, TC Transcontinental, Cascades, Dyne-a-Pak and CIAC with the objective of improving plastics recycling in Quebec and Canada , towards a circular economy.