Monday 03 October 2022

Kauai Coffee announces trademark license agreement in Japan

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MILAN — Kauai Coffee Company has entered a trademark license agreement with Kyoei Foods Co., Ltd., to develop the Kauai Coffee brand in Japan. Kyoei Foods is a leading Japanese manufacturer of coffee concentrates and extracts in both powdered and liquid forms.

The company is a subsidiary of Kyoeiseicha Co. Ltd., a major producer of Japanese green teas based in Uji (Kyoto) which was founded in 1836.

Kyoei Foods has been a licensee of MJB Coffee since 1962 and will now also roast, package, and distribute Kauai Coffee through department stores, supermarkets, hotel chains, and the office coffee and foodservice channels in Japan.

A launching event took place in July at the Hankyu Hawaii Fair in Osaka – the largest Hawaii-themed event on the Island, and more than 7,000 cups of coffee were sampled.

Arata Nakano, Manager of Procurement at Kyoei Foods Co., Ltd. stated, “I was thrilled that so many customers were interested in our Kauai Coffee tasting and they loved the package design.”

Charles Kutner, MZB-USA Director of Sales for the Asian market, has worked closely with teams at MZB-USA and Kauai Coffee to ensure a successful partnership with Kyoei Foods. “It is wonderful to continue working with Kyoei Foods.

After a year of planning, which included extensive ‘on-the-ground research,’ all of the hard work is beginning to show and we are proud to expand our relationship with Kyoei Foods,” said Charles.

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