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Kathrine Löfberg receives The Golden Gavel Award 2019 for private companies

Kathrine Löfberg

KARLSTAD, Sweden – Kathrine Löfberg receives the prestigious award The Golden Gavel for outstanding performance as chair. She is awarded for her exemplary way of developing professional board work in a modern family business. The Golden Gavel Award was established by the Swedish Academy of Directors and Deloitte. The Golden Gavel is presented in two categories, Kathrine Löfberg receives the award for private companies and Hans Stråberg, Atlas Copco, the award for listed companies.

– I am very honoured of course. The award strengthens my belief in combining responsibility and long-term commitment with curiosity and courage to change. The other members of my family and the board are really helpful, and I hope that our work can inspire others, the business community and other Swedish family companies, says Kathrine Löfberg.

Kathrine Löfberg has been chair of Löfbergs since 2015, when she succeeded Anders Löfberg. She is the first female chair of the family business in its more than 100-year history. The board of Löfbergs consists of as many owners as external members, and as many women as men.

Excerpt from the jury’s announcement for Kathrine Löfberg:

“Kathrine Löfberg was appointed chair of Löfbergs in 2015, a company that operates on a global market with very high competition. As a member of the owner family, Kathrine Löfberg has in her chairmanship managed to unite the owners and the management in a vision and long-term goals in a skilful way. At the same time, she has created a climate where the board works in the best interests of the company in a sustainable way. That Löfbergs is one of the world’s largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee is one of several examples on how Kathrine Löfberg has left her mark on the company’s strategy. As chair, she has in an exemplary way developed the professional board work in a modern family business to another level.”

Award with fine traditions

The Golden Gavel is an annual award for outstanding performance as chair, which has been presented for 15 years. The award was established by the Swedish Academy of Directors and Deloitte. The aim of the award is to highlight and increase awareness of the crucial role of the chair.

To select the winners, the jury evaluates a number of criteria, for example the company’s increase in value, how the board work is organized and the chair’s personal qualities.