Sunday 03 July 2022

Joshua Tree Coffee has an updated visual identity, a new packaging and website

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JOSHUA TREE, Calif., U.S. – Joshua Tree Coffee, a burgeoning specialty coffee company, announced today its updated visual identity, affirming its dedication to organic coffee and its commitment to the development of new, unconventional small-batch roasts. The updated branding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. In addition, the company launched a new website (, including new packaging and products.

“In response to several years of accelerated company growth and a desire to more clearly articulate our values, it was time to update our brand and messaging to clearly reflect who we are and what we stand for,” said Royce Robertson, Founder of Joshua Tree Coffee, adding, “Our new visual identity needed to retain the essence of the original mark while providing a broad platform capable of moving the company into the future.”

Retaining the literal tree and cup from the company’s original logo, the new Joshua Tree Coffee logo features more modern, vibrant branches that align with the chemical symbol for caffeine, representing the company’s scientific and precise approach to developing, roasting, grinding and brewing the perfect cup. Similarly, the company preserved its original typeface and iconic pink, and added a new vibrant blue to the palette. Together, the company’s new logo and colors reflect its unwavering values: excellence, passion, inviting, pioneering, and environmentally conscious.

The company’s new, modernized website ( features exciting new sample coffee pouches and global packaging consistent with the company’s rebranding. “Our customers frequently request a broad selection of sample coffee products, so we are excited to begin selling our new 4oz sample packs,” said Robertson, adding, “Significant effort has gone into updating our global packaging, consisting of 4oz, 12oz, 4lb and 5lb bags. While seeking to retain the look and feel of certain beloved elements, the updated packaging represents a significant, and important reduction in material waste.”

Loyal customers, partners and countless other stakeholders have been an essential part of the company’s success. With this rebranding, the company has the necessary tools to continue providing its premium organic coffee to an even larger base of supporters.

Over the weeks to come, Joshua Tree Coffee will be making other exciting announcements related to its expansion plans, certain additional website features, and new coffee roasts. In the meantime, please visit to explore the company’s new website and learn more about its products.

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