Monday 04 December 2023

Jet Technologies ventures into bioplastic coffee bags with Goglio

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Sydney-based Jet Technologies has launched a high-volume bioplastics coffee packaging solution in Australia. The new coffee bean packaging is fully biodegradable yet strong enough to protect the quality of the product, according to Jet.

Distribution of the Goglio biodegradable laminate begins this month, in response to demand for more sustainable solutions.

General manager Daniel Malki said sustainability was now a top priority for manufacturers.

“Many packaging companies within the Australian marketplace are assuring businesses that their coffee packaging options are ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘eco friendly’, ‘green’ or ‘biodegradable’,” he said.

“However, this is often not fully the case. Or if it is, it means the packaging may not have the correct barrier properties to protect and maintain the quality of the coffee beans it carries.”

He said that to maintain product quality by withstanding the packing production process and logistics of handling and travel, coffee packaging needed a strong laminate lining.

The new packaging comes with a biodegradable barrier that increases strength and protects the quality and freshness of the coffee inside.

The biodegradable laminate is fully recyclable and naturally breaks down over time.

It is only compatible with certain form fill seal machinery.

“For many coffee manufacturers and retailers, the availability of a fully functional biodegradable coffee packaging solution, will offer a true incentive to move to a more sustainable way forward when it comes to their product packaging,” Malki concludes.

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