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Java Mountain Coffee urges use of biodegradable coffee capsules

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Java Mountain Coffee urges stakeholders from the travel, tourism and hospitality industry in Asia to stop the use of a 35 year technology in coffee; the plastic and aluminium coffee capsules which is damaging the environment and contributing towards climate change. According to Euromonitor International, since 2007 the global retail market of the coffee capsule has grown 5X the rate of the general coffee market.

In 2017 alone, global retail sales of the coffee capsules reached 15.9bill USD which would allow us to circumnavigate earth with these aluminium, and plastic capsules 70 times or 2 million eight hundred thousand kilometres.

Used aluminium coffee capsules takes 200 to 500 hundred years to break down, while the used plastic coffee capsules take 1000 years to decompose in landfills.

According to a recent published report by the University of Hawaii researchers said that when plastic is exposed to direct sunlight above the ground or under water, plastic gives off traces of methane and ethylene gasses which poisons our air and contributing to climate change.

Nearly 100% of the coffee capsules available in Indonesia and throughout Asia are made of aluminium and plastic, and these used capsules can be found in our landfills, rivers and oceans.

For just over 30 years aluminium and plastic coffee capsule was the only choice available.

In 2018 Java Mountain Coffee launched the latest E.U certified biodegradable coffee capsules, filled with farm fresh sustainably sourced Indonesian coffee from our all women membered coffee cooperatives in the islands of Java and Bali.

Intan Westlake, Sales & Marketing Director of Java Mountain Coffee said, “Today we are challenging stakeholders of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry in Asia to make a positive environmental choice, by removing plastic and aluminium coffee capsules from their businesses. The science clearly proves these capsules have been damaging our planet and poisoning our air for over thirty years. Java Mountain Coffee is proposing a shift to a “circular solution”; the Java Mountain Coffee certified biodegradable Nespresso® compatible coffee capsule, filled with farm fresh sustainable Indonesian coffee from all women membered coffee farmer cooperatives in Java and Bali island”.

“Java Mountain Coffee’s biodegradable coffee capsules take an estimated 90 days to breakdown into rich organic composite after usage. All revenue generated from sustainable coffee partnerships is invested into the Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund”, Intan Westlake said.

About Java Mountain Coffee

Java Mountain Coffee is an Indonesian social enterprise empowering indigenous women farmers and seasonal workers, and planting climate resistant coffee and shade trees. Today less than 1% of the global procurement spend is from women owned, women lead business and women initiatives according to Washington based WE Connect International. Java Mountain Coffee is bringing awareness to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry about the inequality to women in local and global coffee supply chains.