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Java Kick Coffee Cola energy drink released

MANALAPAN, NJ, U.S. – Java Kick, a new coffee cola energy beverage has emerged as a refreshing, practical alternative to run-of-the-mill energy drinks on the market. Java Kick combines coffee and cola, so drinkers can savor the delicious blend of America’s two favorite beverages.

Made with eight B vitamins, CoQ10, taurine and ginseng, Java Kick ensures your body runs like a well-oiled machine while still providing bold flavor.

At a time when energy drinks are known for their unhealthy side effects, Java Kick introduces a natural, functional and flavorful beverage that quenches your thirst.

Java Kick is available in two versions –regular and sugar free –because no one should be deprived of great tasting energy.

For those with special dietary needs, Java Kick is also gluten free and Vegan friendly. Cans are sold at www.Javakick.com and through the Java Kick store on Amazon.

About Java Kick

Founded in 2016 and owned by two very driven women, Java Kick is a refreshing alternative to both energy and coffee beverages.

Derived from natural caffeine and infused with ginseng and vitamins, Java Kick is a flavorful way to get a “kick.”

Offering the dual advantage of a caffeine pick-me-up in regular or sugar free options, plus natural vitamins, Java Kick is a natural boost when you need it most, helping you stay alert and productive whether at home, school or work.