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Japan dominates APAC coffee market, says Euromonitor in its latest report

LONDON – Despite the fact that the Asia-Pacific region has the lowest spend per consumer, this region holds the number three position in the world’s coffee market (as one of the largest contributors). The position results from the increasing middle class and the large local population.

As of 2016, each APAC consumer spent approximately USD 4 on coffee, while the spending stood at USD 38 and USD 42, respectively, in North America and Western Europe.

Japan accounts for 30% of the overall coffee sales in APAC, and this country is the number one player in this region. Still, the Philippines and Indonesia are the major contributors to this market growth.

The coffee consumption in Japan is driven by high value products, but affordable products drive the growth across Southeast Asian marketplaces.

The APAC coffee industry boasts a high level of consolidation, and the private label has little presence in the regional market.

Japan, South Korea and Indonesia are ruled by five major players, with their total value share being more than 60%. Nestlé SA is one of leaders across most markets in this region.

Insightful research report “Coffee in Asia Pacific” worked out by Euromonitor International Ltd. offers a comprehensive guide to the APAC coffee marketplace. The study provides a 360-degree overview of the market.

It sheds light on factors that drive growth of the marketplace and restrain it. It discusses developments and emerging trends. The report delves deep into the competitive environment trends.

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Natalie Aster