Thursday 30 March 2023

Iwca launches campaign on women empowerment in celebration of Intl Coffee Day

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MILAN – In celebration of International Coffee Day on October 1, 2020 and International Day of Rural Women on October 15, 2020 the IWCA Organization has launched the  #EmpoweredVoices campaign.

Is there someone in your personal or professional life who empowers you or others in your community? This campaign gives you the opportunity celebrate their impact, personally or professionally.

To participate, simply make a $100 contribution via IWCA’s Empowered Voices Campaign online portal, and share the person’s name with a note about how they empower you or others.

The Organization will share and recognize their work in the web and social media communications on the occasion of the International Coffee Day and the International Day of Rural Women.

The goal is to recognize 100 Empowered Voices and raise $10,000. Your gift to the IWCA is tax deductible and an investment that empowers and strengthens their Global Network across more than 26 countries. IWCA appreciates your support and looks forward to hearing about the #EmpoweredVoices in your life.

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The IWCA Global Organization is a US 501c3 organization. Investments from community stakeholders make their work possible. Visit the IWCA TAKE ACTION page to learn more the campaign.

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