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ITALY – CoCoTea2013 to kick off tomorrow in Naples

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MILAN – CoCoTea2013 – Second international congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea – will be held in Naples (Italy) on 09-11 October 2013. CoCoTea2013 will take place at the Congress Centre of the University of Naples Federico II.

Following the success of the first edition in Novara, the Organizers have decided to continue the series of Cocotea meetings, with the support of EuCheMS Food Chemistry Division and the International Society of Maillard Reaction (IMARS), particularly focusing on the science of cocoa, chocolate, coffee, tea, and related products.

The most important idea of this conference is to offer an inter-disciplinary arena of discussion for scientists dealing with different aspects (chemistry, technology, metabolomics, nutraceutics, health) of three popular foods stimulating the central nervous system and whose consumption is related with many social and cultural implications.

CoCoTea 2013 will cover all the topics related to these foods, giving to the participants the opportunity to share innovative science.

Food chemists, food technologists, nutritionists, medical doctors and people from industry, are warmly invited to participate. CoCoTea 2011 already created a new scientific network allowing to share opinions and opening new interesting interdisciplinary friendships.

miniatura_news.aspx 1st Coffee Conversation Symposium

Nespresso invites to the 1st Coffee Conversation Symposium which will take place in the same location on 9th October 2013.

This symposium is an open debate between world renowned scientists and industry experts and is dedicated to value creation from the bean to the cup.

All participants of the Cocotea conference are welcome to join the symposium.

Scientific program

The symposium will kick off at 9AM with five scientific presentations on different topics related to coffee.

First, Rodrigo Alarcon from Almacafé (the trading company of the Colombian Coffee Federation) will speak about coffee by-products along the production / commercialization chain. Rodrigo is a chemical engineer with 20 years of experience in production, processing and commercialization of coffee.

Following this, Professor Rudolf Eggers from the Technical University in Hamburg, with a lifetime experience in heat and mass transfer, will discuss future challenges in coffee roasting.

His talk is titled ‘Some innovative steps in coffee processing’.

The third talk will be by Professor Thomas Hofmann from the Technical University in Munich. Prof Hofmann’s area of interest is the fundamental understanding of the influence of technological processing on coffee chemistry and the generation of the molecular keys for sensory perception.

He will discuss ‘How molecular sciences can help bringing bean quality into the cup’.

After the three coffee dedicated talks we have invited Professor Philippe Darriet to take us on a journey to research on wine. Professor Darriet is from the University in Bordeaux and will guide us through some history on wine processing, quality aspects of Grands Crus and the influence of terroir.

His talk will surely be of great value to help us discover all the similarities between coffee and wine.

The final presentation will be given by Professor David Sander, head of the Swiss Institute for Affective Sciences.

He is mainly interested in the mechanisms involved in eliciting emotional responses, and how these mechanisms modulate attention, memory, and decision-making. His research aims at better understanding the nature and functions of human emotions.

He is using behavioral, psychophysiological and brain methods in order to measure the emotions elicited by various types of stimuli, in particular visual and olfactory cues. Maybe we will finally understand our emotional attachment to our cup of coffee !

Panel discussion

After the presentations Dean Sanders, founder of GoodBrand with significant experience in sustainability of agricultural commodities including coffee, cocoa and tea, will take on the role of moderator of the ‘Conversation’.

In order to do so, will invite on stage a panel consisting of industrial experts in the field of coffee and beyond. The Symposium is very honoured to have Laurent Assoulen on board. Laurent Assoulen’s life is dedicated to touching consumers’ senses.

He is a musician as well as a perfumer, and with his passion for odors he analyses the musical correspondences. He has brought together his two passions and gives perfumed concerts in France and abroad.

Géraldine Hue from Market Vision will also be taking part in the panel discussion. Géraldine is passionate in hunting out consumer insights and developing new ways to decode and understand consumers.

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