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ITALY – A Taste of Coffee with Dalla Corte machines at Vinitaly

There is more to Vinitaly than wine. From March 22 to 25, Veronafiere Exhibition Centre is hosting Sol&Agrifood, the International Exhibition of Quality Agro-Foods.

Here, an “A Taste of Coffee” area dedicated to high quality coffee has been set up in co-operation with SCAE and sponsored by Dalla Corte.

The extended booth will include two areas – one hosting a busy schedule of training/educational courses and one destined to coffee tasting, where two Dalla Corte dc pro calssic alu white espresso machines will brew constantly perfect espressos at the right temperature for each single-origin or blend.

The culture of wine is now very widespread in Italy; we wish that the will to learn more about product quality and tasting could increasingly concern the world of coffee as well.

The “A Taste of Coffee” programme of courses is available at bit.ly/A_Taste_of_Coffee.