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ITALY – In 2014 Rimini Fiera will be the Regina of Coffee

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RIMINI – From 10th to 12 June 2014, the Rimini expo centre will host the most important international coffee expo organized in Europe by the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), an itinerant event.

In the context of the World of Coffee 2014, the World Barista Championship will also be held. This year it was held in Melbourne, Australia, from 23rd to 26th May (with the organization of World Coffee Events, founded by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and the Speciality Coffee Association of America).

World of Coffee is the global crossroads of great coffee artists, new technologies and all the fascinating roads taken by coffee seeds, from the harvest through selection to roasting. A bean that attracts the whole world.

Every year, the World Barista Championship elects the person making the world’s most “extraordinary” coffee-based beverage.


2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata The competition consists in preparing in a maximum time of 15 minutes, 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 personalized non-alcoholic beverages based on espresso, to be served to a highly qualified panel of judges.

Rimini Fiera will also host other great world competitions, including the World Brewers Cup and Ibrik, a complete training workshop organized by the SCAE, as well as debates on the state of the art in coffee and, last but not least, there will be the possibility of meetings and discussions with experts from the sector.

The huge Rimini show will therefore feature numerous not-to-be-missed appointments for the sector’s world trade members and highlight the participants’ professionalism, attracting the attention of baristas (and the sector’s companies) from all over the globe.

The figures confirm this: 30,000 trade members awaited, 200 brands on show, 20,000 square metres of expo space, 12 areas for events, competitions and workshops, 33 nations represented in SCAE, 60 the countries of origin of the 250-plus baristas competing in the World Barista Championship.

All these professionals will be welcomed not only by an international expo centre that is a member of the EMECA (the association whose members are Europe’s major trade fair centres) and the UFI, with a modern, practical and welcoming venue, conceived for companies’ business (info:


But also an area that has made hospitality its outstanding winning feature, on the strength of its 2,184 hotels, 1920 restaurants, trattorias, pubs, night venues, 700 bathing establishments, 21 theme parks and 574 farmhouse vacation facilities, B&B and campsites.

The Rimini Riviera is renowned throughout Europe for its coastline, which stretches along approximately 40 kilometres of beach with powder-fine sand. The valleys of the Conca and Marecchia rivers run up the smooth slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines through breathtaking landscapes, villages and ancient castles.

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