Friday 09 December 2022

Israelis consume 4.4 kg. of coffee per person per year, says new report

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MILAN – Israelis consume 4.4 kg. of coffee per person per year, just ahead of Spain, whose citizens consume an average of 4.3 kilos per year, according to an article published by the Jerusalem Post quoting a report released by illycaffè.

“As you can see in the data, there has been a significant increase in coffee consumption worldwide in the last decade. In recent years, Israel’s coffee culture has become among the most developed in the world,” said to the daily Uri Federman, CEO of Landwer Cafe, a coffee chain with locations across Israel.

In Israel and around, the most common variety of coffee consumed is Arabica, and the largest supplier is South America, which is responsible for 48% of global exports.

“The Israeli coffee market is currently estimated to be between NIS 3-3.5 billion a year ($862 million – $1 billion) and about 78% of the Israeli adult population drinks coffee and Israelis drink between 2-4 cups of coffee a day,” Federman added.

Finland made the top of illy’s list and its citizens reportedly consume an average of 12.1 kilos of coffee per year. China and India tied for last place with 0.1 kg. of coffee consumed by their citizens per year.

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