Monday 27 June 2022

ISRAEL – Dolce Gusto set to hit the market soon

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Osem Investments Ltd. (controlled by Nestlé) is entering the coffee capsule machine market in Israel, reports the business daily Globes.

The company will launch a line of products under the Nestlé brand Dolce Gusto, including capsule and dedicated coffee machines, in the coming months.

Many varied players are entering the Israeli market, and they operate on a few different fronts: capsules for Nespresso machines (the biggest player in the Sector).

Independent machines that are offered with membership deals that include capsules (Espresso Club); expansion of coffee machine operations to gas stations (Lavazza) and more.

Strauss Group Ltd entered the market two years ago, but does not have its own system, and instead sells capsules for Nespresso machines, which has not been very successful.

It appears that the competition that Osem is bringing will benefit the consumer, in terms of price relative to competitors in the sector.

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