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Invigo Coffee reveals the bean belt where they source and hand pick their coffees

Invigo Coffee capsules

CONCORD, Canada — Invigo Coffee, a Canadian coffee company, has revealed the ‘bean belt’ where they source and hand pick the beans for their coffee pods. Invigo Coffee is a manufacturer of high-quality Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. It only selects its beans from this bean belt area due to the abundant rainfall and warm temperatures in Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

A spokesman for the company said: “Everything that goes into our coffee capsules starts with nature and getting the very best we can from nature. Everything is handpicked to ensure the best quality. The manufacturing process and the journey from bean to the coffee cup is all about quality and creating pure coffee bliss.

“When we are creating our fruit coffee capsules, we use a wet manufacturing process. When we want to produce sweeter flavours, we will use a dry process. Every step of our coffee creation journey is handled by highly experienced coffee experts who know how to create the perfect bitterness, aroma, acidity and full taste that is needed for our coffee capsules.

“The whole process has been fine-tuned and we select and combine the coffee beans with a unique procedure that can help us to identify the very best aroma and an exceptional after taste.

“Our motto for creating the very best coffee capsules has always been to strive for excellence in everything we do, right down to the packaging of our coffee capsules, which is done by a specialist team with the utmost care to ensure they are delivered to our customers fresh and in tact. Nothing is left to chance. We want every one of customers to enjoy every single cup they make using our coffee capsules.

“We care so much about the quality and flavour of the coffee we create, that we are constantly doing quality control checks with our suppliers. We may even find new coffee bean farms and locations to ensure we are using the very best coffee beans for our products.

“Every single blend has been created as a result of years of rigorous research. We have created our coffees from a foundation of passion and love for well made and quality tasting coffee,” he added.

Invigo Coffee, based in Concord, has five different coffee flavours – Invigo Coffee Boost, Invigo Coffee Caramel, Invigo Coffee Vanilla, Invigo Coffee Classic and Invigo Coffee Chocolate. The company packages them in a variety of different size packs dependent upon what the customer needs.

The company has even set up a special Barista Academy on their website, so coffee connoisseurs can find out everything they possibly need or want to know about coffee.

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee is a Concord based coffee capsule and coffee pod manufacturer that supplies quality coffee to companies and individual across Canada and around the world. The sources its coffee from suppliers in Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala and has created five blends in its coffee collection.