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Introducing the instant coffee tablet

EUROTAB aims to revolutionise the coffee market with a brand new easy to use, instant coffee tablet rich in taste

SAINT-JUST-SAINT-RAMBERT, France – Constantly market-driven and always seeking to innovate in the tableting sector, Eurotab is now setting its sights on the coffee world.

This worldwide market, divided up into three main categories in terms of consumption (ground coffee, coffee capsules and instant coffee*), shows enormous potential.

The company has just finished developing a new patented instant coffee tablet that is currently being intro-duced to the market’s principal brands.

Real expertise in the coffee world

After having joint-developed a roast and ground coffee tablet in the form of a 7 gram coffee bean (1 tablet for 1 cup of cof-fee) with one of the market leaders in 2009, EUROTAB is now offering an instant coffee tablet version.

With this new product, EUROTAB wants to meet increasing needs in the instant coffee market.

The instant coffee market is in fact booming** and is worth around 30 billion dollars which translates to approximately 22% of all cups of coffee consumed around the world.

Emerging markets should represent 50% of all coffee consumption worldwide by 2020 and are responsible, in particular, for the increase in demand for instant coffee.

The main driving forces behind this growth are increases in revenue and the rise of the middle class, pre-miumisation of the category and the emergence of a café culture in these key countries.

Changes in consumer trends are also favouring coffee consumption on the go, meaning that it must be easy to use and require no special equipment (all that is needed is a cup and hot water).

Regular, precise dosage is also important as is the availability of flavoured coffee that can be drunk with or without milk.

The product

The new instant coffee tablet is a convenient way to take your favourite coffee away with you in your pocket or handbag, great for those who want good coffee anywhere and at any time of day!

Called “Coffee Cubes”, these new tablets are made from instant coffee using a process proprietary to EUROTAB which preserves the great coffee taste.

Tablets come in a portable individual pack or in a family size pack and are available in regular or decaffeinated versions for short or long drinks.

An organic variant with brown sugar is also available. In keeping with the current trends in coffee shop consumption, there are also flavourings such as hazelnut, vanilla or cinnamon that may be added.

A simple way to enjoy great coffee at home or away from home!

Industrial expertise, a driving force for innovation

EUROTAB has put its expertise and leading edge technology in tableting at the forefront of development to produce this new product.

EUROTAB’s know-how has enabled it to turn concept into a reality, with high added value and in accordance with market trends.

The challenge faced by the brand of producing a compact and solid, yet quick dissolving and easy to use product has been overcome.

Furthermore, its flexible format means that manufacturers can be inventive when it comes to the shape and packaging (individual, family size box, bio-degradable wrapping).

A pilot line is currently in place to ensure flexible, short production run, enabling the company to carry out consumer tests for future customers in real operating conditions.
An environmentally-friendly solution.

With the development of this new product, EUROTAB is showing that tableting has major advantages that meet the challenges laid down by sustainable development.

The concept itself brings economic, environmental and societal added value to consumers and manufacturers alike. One can therefore say that this is an environmentally-friendly concept.

The instant coffee presented here thanks to this shaping process shows very high energy performance and its carbon footprint is minimal.

Logistically speaking, savings can be made for consumers in terms of waste (vs pods, pads, jars of instant coffee etc.) and for manufacturers and retailers in terms of packaging and volume of goods transported and stored, offering advantages for loading, transport, environmental safety and shelf stocking etc.


Founded in 1957, EUROTAB is an independent SME specialised in the conception and technology of powder compression: the tablet.

EUROTAB aims to make the tablet a real concept in sustainable development, a creator of added value for its users and all sectors involved.

*The term instant coffee covers « spray-dried » coffee powder and freeze-dried and liquid coffee such as liquid concentrates
**Sources OIC 2014, Euromonitor