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Intertek helps bring recyclable coffee cup to market

LONDON, U.K – Intertek, a leading quality assurance provider to industries worldwide, has supported Frugalpac, a pioneering UK packaging firm, in developing a recyclable coffee cup. The innovative cup is now being trialled by some of the world’s major coffee brands.

Intertek has partnered from the outset with entrepreneur Martin Myerscough and his UK team at Frugalpac to establish the viability of their proposed recyclable cup by conducting and managing recycling trials, testing the cup’s functional performance, and measuring the cup’s carbon footprint.

“We started with an idea, but through working with Intertek, we were able to test and prove the viability and environmental impact of our innovation, which has attracted the interest of companies including Starbucks and Caffé Nero that desire environmentally responsible products,” said Martin Myerscough, Chief Executive of UK-based Frugalpac.

Gary Parker, Head of the Sustainability Group at Intertek’s Health Environmental & Regulatory Services, states, “Intertek can help companies on their innovation journey, as testing is a vital part of bringing that innovation to fruition.”

He adds, “In a market where innovation is essential, measuring and proving the environmental impact of a product is of utmost importance.

Unlike traditional coffee cups, the Frugalpac cup is made from recycled paper board and can be recycled in normal paper recycling mills.

The success of this product is based on simple good design which facilitates recycling in the real world. Intertek is delighted to be part of this process.”

Intertek helps support manufacturers, distributors and retailers to meet their sustainability and regulatory goals through the development of tailored programs designed to manage the environmental performance of their products and supply chains, resulting in more efficient production processes and improved corporate profile.

To learn more about the sustainability services offered by our scientific and regulatory consultants and from the larger Intertek organization, please visit www.intertek.com/sustainability.