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International Coffee Partners shares motivations and aims behind its mission

International Coffee Partners

KARLSTAD, Sweden – In 2001, Löfbergs co-founded International Coffee Partners, a pre-competitive initiative of the leading European family-owned coffee companies, Delta Cafés of Portugal, Franck of Croatia, Paulig of Finland, Joh. Johannson of Norway, Lavazza of Italy, Neumann Gruppe of Germany, Tchibo of Germany and Löfbergs of Sweden.

The initiative’s objective is to contribute know-how to establish a sustainable coffee sector in key producing countries through the implementation of best-practice projects in coffee farmer communities. Since 2001, International Coffee Partners has reached more than 80,000 smallholder families in 12 countries.

In these videos International Coffee Partners shares the motivations and aims behind the work:

Coffee Break Ep. 5: Youth in Uganda

In this episode, we meet Teddy Nakyambadda, a young farmer from Mityana District in Uganda. She says the International Coffee Partner-project has learned her good agricultural practices and how to execute post-harvesting methods. She learned to see her farm as a business because of that and the smallholder families around as a community that needs to work together.

Coffee Break Ep. 4: Youth

“Good coffee is not a certainty. As the climate is changing and fewer young people are seeing a future as coffee farmers. To secure good coffee in the future, we need to get the next generation to see a positive future in coffee.” In this episode, Kathrine Löfberg, Chair at Löfbergs and International Coffee Partners, is shedding light on the importance of youth in coffee.

Coffee Break Ep. 3: Climate change in Central America

In this episode, we go to Central America, ne of the hardest-hit areas in coffee production due to climate change. Discover the methods farmers are implementing and the positive outcomes of applying climate-smart practices.

Coffee Break Ep. 2: Climate change

Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice Chairman of Lavazza explains the work International Coffee Partners has been doing in the field to combat climate change and what the future holds if we do nothing.

Coffee Break Ep.1: Sustainability

Lenita Ingelin, Managing Director of Paulig’s Coffee division, talks about the importance of sustainability.