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International Coffee Council and first Global Leaders Forum kick off today in London

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LONDON, UK – The 125th Session of the International Coffee Council and associated meetings are held from 23-27 September 2019 at the International Maritime Organization, bringing together high-level representatives of Governments of coffee-exporting and -importing countries from across the globe, international organizations, and the private sector.

As part of an ongoing sector-wide dialogue to address the coffee price crisis, the ICO is also hosting today the first CEO and Global Leaders Forum of the coffee sector.

Held as part of the ICO-led sector dialogue, this high-profile event brings together top executives of the coffee value chain, producers, traders, roasters, retailers and high-profile policy leaders, together with development partners and civil society will review the outcomes of the stakeholder dialogue and seek to converge towards measurable commitments for the sustainable future of coffee growers and of the whole coffee sector in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It is envisaged that these decisions will form a Declaration of Intent and Roadmap with concrete actions to be endorsed and resources allocated at the 125th Session of the International Coffee Council.

The 9th Consultative Forum for Coffee Sector Finance

The International Coffee Organization will be hosting the 9th Consultative Forum for Coffee Sector Finance on 24 September.

The 9th Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance of the ICO will support the implementation of Resolution 465 by gathering experts to validate solutions in the area of price risk management that are being identified as part of the Sector Dialogue and discuss ways of practically implementing these.

Participants of the Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector will explore how innovative and market-based approaches can improve farmers’ resilience against price volatility and price shocks – especially for the most vulnerable group of smallholders and female producers – and how risks can be shared more equally among all links in the value chain, including roasters, traders and input providers.

Participants will be invited to discuss the potential of innovative price risk management solutions for smallholder farmers and identify structural, technological and institutional barriers to their widespread adoption.

The participants will debate how some of the existing barriers can be overcome, for example through farmer aggregation or improved access to development finance and technical cooperation.