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Initiative from proHeq supports the catering industry across all areas


BIRKENFELD, Germany – Moving from compulsory time out into a new future: restaurateurs and hoteliers are working intensively to create clever worlds of experience that enable their guests to enjoy their stay to the full – despite all the guidelines and protective measures. Premium equipment supplier proHeq, with the brands Hepp and WMF Professional, is now helping them to develop these concepts by offering a new initiative that is more creative than ever.

It highlights the numerous comprehensive solutions that the full-range supplier offers as part of the SEB Group.

“Based on our many years of experience, we have put together key products from across our entire portfolio that are now urgently needed. Because what matters is that catering businesses are able to prepare quickly for the new requirements in every area – from the dining hall to the hotel room to the lounge area”, explains Dirk Friedlein, Sales Manager at proHeq. Another essential component of this initiative is consulting with customers in order to jointly develop and implement individual concepts.

“The aim is to combine existing equipment with new products so that investment is kept to a minimum,” says Friedlein. Both Hepp and WMF Professional have brought all their ideas together in a brochure to accompany the current initiative.

“From breakfast to dinner: food is still a key aspect of life and plays a decisive role in making guests feel good,” says Friedlein. However, it is currently particularly difficult to provide the popular buffet in its previous form, using self-service, which is why restaurateurs and hoteliers of all kinds are having to reorganise how they do things. Some guests are therefore now enjoying personal table service, even at breakfast. And something that has always been regarded as very exclusive is also experiencing a revival – room service.

“With the right presentation on the tray, restaurateurs and hoteliers can easily bring the ambience of the dining room directly into the customer’s room,” says Friedlein. “Even table service can be arranged both organisationally and visually so that guests don’t miss out on anything at all.”

proHeq: New concepts for a greater sense of well-being

Friedlein is certain that: “Adapting equipment on attractive economic terms will be a challenge for many restaurateurs and hoteliers. We can certainly help with that.”

The range offered for this initiative by both brands includes everything from trays, thermos flasks and fruit stands to solutions for pre-portioned food; everything that makes service easier for restaurateurs and hoteliers and brings a smile to the faces of their guests.

The possible concepts not only work independently of the different service areas in the restaurant or hotel, they also offer the opportunity to surprise guests with a special highlight at various times of the day. For example, if you want to offer your guests an afternoon snack as a picnic in the hotel garden, you don’t need to resort to disposable packaging.

WMF Professional and Hepp offer storage boxes for this purpose, made of glass and with a hygienic lid as well as matching cutlery. All of the products for this initiative have been selected by experts with a view to ensuring that they are also ideal for being used and combined in times with no restrictions.