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Info event for the 4th Stuttgart Coffee Summit to be held on November 22

STUTTGART, Germany – The 4th Stuttgart Coffee Summit (3rd to 7th February 2018) at Intergastra is a leading event for coffee professionals in Central Europe.

With its wide and exciting range and new ideas for sales and growth, the trade fair attracts restaurateurs and hoteliers from all across Europe who are ready to invest.


The focus again is on the entire value-added chain of coffee, from bean to cup … and beyond.

With tried-and-tested elements such as the roaster viallge and machine park, not to mention tasting sessions with numerous opportunities to meet and chat, and with an exciting host of activities full of one-off highlights.

The coffee format presents itself on about 1,000 square meters on a coffee total exhibition surface of approximately 15,000 square meters.

Inform yourself in advance about the 4th Stuttgart Coffee Summit personally on Wednesday, November 22, at 11.00 clock at Coffee Consulate (Hans-Thoma-Strasse 20) in Mannheim.

Coffee Consulate and Messe Stuttgart present the possibilities of participation and the planned program in detail:

RoasterVillage, MaschineIslands, ActivitiesBar, diverse parcourses, Cuptastings, CoffeeSymposium and the InnovationsBar are just a few of the highlights that will be presented during the event. The format is aimed at all coffee specialists who want to address the catering and hotel industry.

In addition, as a roaster you have the opportunity to get to know the manufacturers on whose machines you can prepare your coffee on the spot.

Sign in conveniently during the event and use this network meeting in advance for a perfect and stress-free preparation for the 4th Stuttgart Coffee Summit.

To allow the Organiser to better plan the event, please register for participation.