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NEWS FROM THE INDUSTRY – Keurig recognised as Single Serve Coffee Maker Brand of the Year in 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend Equity Study

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., announces that its Keurig single cup brewing system has been recognized as the “Brand of the Year” in the single serve coffee maker category in the 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend Equity Study.

For the third consecutive year, the Keurig system has received the highest ranking in the coffee maker category based on consumers’ perceptions of familiarity, quality and purchase consideration, a selection of several qualifying elements evaluated.

The Keurig single cup brewing system received the highest numerical Equity Score among coffee maker brands included in the 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend Study, which is an annual brand health assessment that surveys thousands of U.S. consumers online about their brand perceptions, measuring key touchstones, such as emotional connection, functional attributes, brand awareness, influence and familiarity, that are integral in effective and compelling brand development.

For this study, a brand is defined as a set of persuasive promises about a product, service, or organization that differentiates it from others in a universally positive, contextually relevant and personally compelling way.

“Ten years ago, there were no Keurig brewers in homes. Just a decade later, we’ve begun to revolutionize the way consumers choose, brew and enjoy hot beverages at home,” says John Whoriskey, President of US Sales and Marketing for Keurig.

“An amazing thing happens when someone is introduced to a Keurig brewer; they fall in love with our system and almost immediately share that love with their family and friends.

Our loyal, passionate fans are what make us the brand that we are today, and it’s because of them that we are truly honored to be recognized once again as the coffee maker Brand of the Year.”

The Keurig hot brewing system has revolutionized the way people brew their beverages both at home and at the office and made quality coffee and other specialty beverages a staple option.

According to December 2013 NPD data, Keurig was the top-ranked brand in the Coffee/Espresso Maker category based on dollar share for 40 consecutive months and had the top four brewers in the Coffee/Espresso Maker category based on dollar sales.

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