Monday 04 December 2023

FROM THE INDUSTRY – launches new luxury milk frother on

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Sold by, the newly milk frother that is renowned for creating perfect foam to give a steaming cup of coffee the perfect taste has already become a hit with all coffee lovers.

This top quality luxury milk frother recorded a sale on the day it was launched on, beating the competition despite being a recent entry into the market.

The coffee company is so new that they recently held a logo competition and the response was amazing, having received over 110 logo entries for their brand

This combined with their first sale has generated quite a buzz and it has become the theme of every conversation.

Having made the first sale on the day of the launch with the number of purchases expected to increase soon, this black handheld electric latte and cappuccino milk frother with its solid on/off switch and smart and sleek design was able to beat the tough competition that prevails in this category of products.

luxury-frother Expressing his delight at the response that the milk frother has received, co-founder of, Jim Heller says, “We never thought we would make a sale on the very first day of the launch of our milk frother. Considering the intense competition in the coffee market, selling new products is extremely hard and challenging.

We are very happy with the very first sale of out, we also experience a growth in visitors on our youtube milk frother –  how to use video, we made the video so all our customer using our milk frother will get the best result.”

Designed to whip up milk to create thick, silky, and rich foam within seconds and with the press of a button, this new milk frother is ideal for coffee aficionados who seek a cheaper but tasty option to buying expensive café lattes and cappuccinos at coffee shops.

Source: press release

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