Monday 04 December 2023

Indonesia sees increase in export earnings

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia plans to increase coffee exports by 10 percent to 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, a senior official at the trade ministry said on Wednesday. Nus Nuzulia Ishak, director general of national export development at the ministry, the government still expects massive demands from the U.S. which is currently the biggest market for Indonesian coffee abroad.

The government also expects the U.S. will make up about 20 percent of the targeted value, she added.

To meet such target, the government will promote Indonesian coffee at 28th SCAA 2016 organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, in Atlanta between April 14-17, said Ishak. In this year’s edition, Indonesia will be on the spotlight as the “Portrait Country.”

“Coffee consumption trend in the United States continues to rise, and Indonesia must tap into it,” Ishak told reporters in Jakarta.

The Indonesian government also hopes great demands from Russia, African countries and member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (Asean).

Some 96 percent of Indonesia’s coffee output is from small-scale farmers, while the remainder is from state-owned companies and private.

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