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IMF Roasters to showcase technology, sustainability and innovation at HostMilan

Garbin: "Host will be the showcase for our innovative technology, the result of the continuous process of research and development, in which we strongly believe "

One of IMF coffee roasters

MILAN – “Strong drive towards sustainability and innovation, positivity and optimism will be the key points in the immediate future of the coffee world. Adapting to the needs of the customer is what makes the difference on the market and we at IMF are able to suggest innovative ideas that guarantee flexibility and ease of use in every circumstance, proposing customized turnkey solutions”.  These are the words of Alessandro Garbin, owner and CEO of IMF, Italian company leader in the design and production of coffee roasting machines and industrial plants for coffee roasting and treatment: “Host will be the showcase for our innovative technology, the result of the continuous process of research and development, in which we strongly believe “.

IMF at HostMilan

With an eco-sustainable footprint that has recently led to the patent of the exclusive Vortex system for mixing hot and cold air, thanks to which it is possible to perfectly and very quickly control the roasting airflow, IMF coffee roasters have an integrated thermal post-combustion system, consisting of a single combustion chamber for treatment within the legal limits of harmful emissions originated from the roasting process. The use of a single burner, in synergy with the air recirculation system, ensures a significant reduction in consumption, combining energy efficiency with reliability and total control of the production process.

The factory in Spain

Equipped with advanced profile and roasting curve management software and strong convection roasting system, IMF coffee roasters allow in fact to punctually follow the entire process of transformation of the coffee with the possibility of intervention on parameters such as the temperature of the air entering the roasting drum, the rotation rate of the drum and the airflow intake, extremely important to make the most of the unique characteristics of each single origin or blend, for any type of roasting.

Full automation extends to industrial plants

A detail of IMF machines

Complete with storage and transport systems for green and roasted coffee, mixers, grinders, optical sorters and packaging machines, controllable from a touchscreen panel and integrable with product traceability systems from the initial batch to the final bag. Without forgetting the extreme attention to prompt after-sales service with worldwide coverage, also through the possibility of remote connection and diagnosis to ensure a complete, qualitative and highly professional service.

Continuous innovation at the service of roasters, made in Italy technology, eco-sustainability and great knowledge of green coffee characterize the offer of IMF, that invites its customers and all professionals in the sector to its Booth K38 – L37 of Pavillon 22 at Host Milano.