Monday 28 November 2022

IMF Roasters: Eco-friendly and sustainable coffee roasting, with a century-long tradition

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OCCHIOBELLO, Rovigo, Italy — A century-long tradition and the maniacal pursuit of quality are the winning features of a modern and expanding company, looking ahead without forgetting its origins.

There is an entire life in the world of coffee, from green coffee to industrial roasting, at the IMF headquarters in Occhiobello, founded in 1994 but, from 2010, led by Alessandro Garbin, president and CEO with a three-generation experience in the coffee industry.

Designing and manufacturing of high performance and qualitative coffee roasters represents the heart of the company’s business, with a marked focus on eco-sustainability, as the post-combustion analysis outcomes are widely within the limits set by the law.

In addition to coffee roasters, IMF develops and supply customized complete turnkey plants for coffee transformation process, from green coffee intake to roasted and ground coffee treatment, through the use of a management and lot traceability software.

Another crucial aspect is the post-sales customer service, to which the company dedicates extreme care both domestically and internationally, ensuring full customer satisfaction worldwide.

Concerning the development of new technologies, the strength that sets us apart from competitors lies in the virtuous and sustainable approach to the environment: the emission levels are highly within law limits even with regard to formaldehyde, made possible thanks to an innovative system equipped with high-performing combustion chamber working at high temperature, where special state-of-the-art treatments, together with heat recirculation system, allow to reach important results, furthermore only using one unique burner, resulting in reduced consumption levels.

All of this without the necessity to install expensive post-combustion system such as catalyzers or additional afterburners.

All of the roasters come with cyclone, smoke cleaning system with recirculation, destoner and coffee loader integrated in a compact space. Moreover, they have recently patented, after 2 years, an exclusive patented Vortex system, and implemented a new quenching system inside the roasters in order to propose greater safety to customers using their products.

Equipped with a brand new PLC software featuring a touch screen control panel, IMF machines can roast tons of coffee, batch after batch, with great repeatability and reliability of selected roasting profiles. It is possible to constantly control every step of the process, from green coffee silos loading to roasting, cooling and destoning until roasted coffee silos loading and packaging. The remote assistance control service, through which is possible to remotely run a diagnosis on plants, turned out to be highly appreciated.

Over the past few years the company has widely extended its productive and administrative areas, more than doubling the surface of its offices, production sites and warehouses, in line with the latest directives on energy efficiency, through the installation of insulated walls and windows, photovoltaic panels to self-produce the electricity required to run its various activities, the replacement of warehouse roofing, with the purpose of moving towards a greener and more sustainable direction.

Yet investments are not over, in fact IMF continues its policy of development and organizational strengthening through the continuous recruitment of specialized technical staff, supporting its employees with customized corporate welfare solutions and performance incentive systems.

The sudden health emergency related to the Coronavirus pandemic has precluded the entire industrial sector to benefit from international events and professional exhibitions. Anyhow, IMF has been able to give continuity to its productive activities in total safety, having promptly adopted protective practices against the risk of contagion, providing its staff with suitable personal equipment, ensuring daily disinfection of working areas in total compliance with the strictest health regulations.

Not least, the information on correct practices regarding the use of common spaces and the daily detection of body temperature in an area used ad hoc have completed the assurance and control practices for an appropriate level of work safety of the entire organization, that has been able to respect the scheduled delivery deadlines of the latest projects commissioned, still dedicating time to new projects development to be realized in the immediate future.

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