Sunday 14 August 2022

Imf roasting systems stand out from the competition thanks to innovation and sustainability

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MILAN – It is all about timing. The timing with which a company enters the market, adapts to it, anticipates its trends. It is natural to mention IMF Coffee Roasters, who manages to stand out from the competition thanks to innovation and environmental sustainability. Beyond words, IMF has in fact recently obtained two patents for its inventions, such as the Vortex system allowing a careful modulation of the airflow for coffee roasting.

A crucial and necessary solution to roast coffee in a unique, sweet and precise way.

IMF is always in line with the evolving times

The choice could not be more satisfactory and responsible in 2021, where those who are greener win while maintaining high qualitative standards. This could possibly be the reason behind IMF’s unstoppable advance in the last 9 years, reaching 38 current employees from the initial 4 and billing around 10 million euros in 2020. The average annual growth is now double-digit, and thanks to its ethical and qualitative approach the company conquers one market after another, reaching latitudes as far as Australia, China and New Caledonia.

All of this has been possible though loyalty to Made in Italy approach, a winning mix of tradition and innovation that enhances the artisan quality of the products and underlines the attention to efficiency and reliability, while at the same time becoming an avant-garde of environmental sustainability.

That’s why the roasting system presents a single combustion chamber and unique burner

Another view of the RM 240

This solution, in synergy with a peculiar energy recovery system, allows extremely low levels of gas consumption, compared to European average. “But this is still not enough…” explains CEO Alessandro Garbin, “… we have reached very low post-roasting emission values, well below the legal terms, even without having to use catalysts”…

The Venetian company of Occhiobello demonstrates value both in external and internal company policy, proposing in fact an extremely assorted offer, articulated in industrial and artisanal roasting machines ranging from 1kg up to 480kg per cycle, equipped with the latest generation Galileo roasting management software that guarantees traceability, reproducibility and efficiency.

IMF Industrial Roaster RM 120 and green coffee silos

Garbin comments: “I am happy to say that customers who use our machines even on 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week… are truly satisfied.”

A wide and fully customizable choice

This because IMF focuses on the construction of industrial roasters with related storage and handling systems for green and roasted coffee, fully customizable according to customer’s needs, complete with pneumatic and mechanical transport systems, green coffee cleaners, dust filters, skewers, mixers, coffee grinders.

A wide variety of choice and customization options, with impeccable after-sale service guaranteed by tele-assistance and remote connection options

In fact, thanks to an innovative remote control, together with a collaboration that goes beyond simple maintenance, staff and customers are able to work on tailor-made solutions day after day, to forge excellent relationships between different realities, collecting successful cases worldwide.

In this positive climate, no one can ignore such values, taking part in human growth well before corporate growth, thanks to a balanced welfare system always guaranteeing important personal enhancement to those who deserve it.

That’s why IMF is the classic Italian family, a leading company aiming for excellence in every step it takes… adapting to today’s times.

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