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Ima Coffee Gima at Sigep with its technological solutions for packaging

IMA Coffee experts at Sigep, Hall D1 • Booth #008, to illustrate the latest coffee processing and packaging solutions

IMA Coffee GIMA cartoning machine

RIMINI – Since the time Ima decided to enter in the coffee market, it has consistently been able to impress its customers with extremely innovative technical solutions, utmost flexibility and reliability. Its custom tailored solutions make Ima Coffee Gima, part of the Coffee Hub, the ideal strategic partner for industry leaders who constantly strive to meet new market trends.

Now IMA COFFEE GIMA occupies a leading position in the global coffee market

It covers all aspects of the packaging process, from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions: it provides equipment for dosing, filling, sealing and cartoning.

Catering for all requirements in the coffee sector, and with decades of specific experience, Ima Coffee Gima plays a role as primary technological partner and business advisor in all areas of coffee packaging.

Alongside the world’s most comprehensive range of coffee packaging equipment, specially conceived tailored solutions are developed to respond to the market’s fast evolving needs.

Thanks to such experience, Ima Coffee Gima is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions perfectly tailored around product and process specifications.

Ima Coffee Gima Pods packaging machine

Both soft and hard coffee pods are processed at different speeds in equipment designed to ensure precision, but also significant flexibility enabling customers to respond rapidly to diverse market requirements. In order to provide the utmost in terms of longer shelf-life, packaging can be conducted in a modified and conditioned atmosphere, and pods can be stacked individually protected in heat-sealed envelopes and packed into heat-sealed vertical pouches or cartons.

Ima Coffee Gima offers a wide range of solutions with different production capacities

The CA6 runs at 130 hard pods per minute, the CA3, both for soft and hard pods, produces 250 pods per minute while CA1, which represents the most innovative solution, offers the highest levels of efficiency by packaging up to 800 pods per minute.

Ima Coffee Gima Capsule filling machine

Ima Coffee Gima machines can package every kind of capsule present on the market both in protected atmosphere and non. Primary packaging of the capsule ensures maximum hygiene and prevents the aggression of external agents, such as moisture, heat and air. In the single-serve capsules filling, Ima boasts a wide and complete range, able to satisfy all customer needs, from low and medium speed production (from 70 to 220 capsules per minute) to high-speed ones, up to 600 capsules per minute.

Ima Coffee Gima Cartoning

Secondary packaging ensures product protection and product integrity when it leaves the production site to reach the final consumers. Different secondary packaging methods are usually utilized according to the original capsule nature.

Ima Coffee Gima offers a wide range of cartoning solutions

From oriented to bulk configurations, designed to ensure the maximum flexibility and higher productivity. The FTB577-C for oriented capsules packs up to 80 cartons per minute while its scaled version, the FTB608-C reaches 40 cartons per minute. The FTC570 for bulk capsules and FTB584-C for oriented capsules are suitable for lower production volumes.

Ima, supplier of the main players and leader on the market, has as strong and constant interest in the development of innovative solutions as well as in the upgrade of existing technologies aimed to improve its products’ performances.

Among the latest solutions, part of Ima development plan, Ima offers its cartoning unit, FTB608-C, equipped with a latest generation Delta Robot

The versatility and flexibility of the new pick & place system allows higher speed of capsules insertion into the cartons while maintaining high performances and allowing different configurations of the capsule layers. Among the most requested configurations, the “flower”one, single- or multi-layer, ensures a better space optimization and greater stability of the capsules inside the carton itself.

For further information, Ima Coffee experts will be available at Sigep, Hall D1 Stand #008.