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I’m not a Barista launches The Brewing Guide: A Kickstarter Project to give back to baristas

Brewing Guide

MILAN – I’m not a Barista, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to celebrating the skills and knowledge of baristas around the world is launching The Brewing Guide: A Kickstarter Project by the Global Coffee Community. The product consists of 55 cards (48 brewing recipes, 7 explanatory cards and one golden ticket), eliminating the endless searching and making brewing a perfect cup simpler than ever.

The Guide encompasses brewing recipes, while it also represents talented individuals globally with a mission to share their knowledge with every coffee lover.

It’s about more than just a deck of brewing recipes – it’s about bridging you with talented individuals around the world who share their knowledge and technique for better brews.

The Brewing Guide: Kickstarter Project Launch

It is already available as an early bird pre-launch. On April 8th a Kickstarter campaign will start in which coffee lovers will be able to buy 1,2, 10 or more decks. The brewing recipes are written by professional baristas.

The deck’s cost will be about 24$ per deck, and they will be shipping them internationally in May 2021.

48 is the magic number

Indeed, the deck contains 48 recipes, shared by 48 coffee lovers from the global community, with the aim to support 48 international baristas in need with the funds collected.

The brewing guide is a collaborative project between I’m not a Barista and an international team of enthusiastic baristas and coffee-loving individuals. The project is a mission inspired by the community which seeks to then give back to the community.

For more details: https://notabarista.org/brewingguide
Kickstarter page: www.kickstarter.com/projects/iamnotabarista/the-im-not-a-barista-coffee-brewing-guide-card-deck