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#ILLYDREAMERS – The shared “dream” at the centre of the new illycaffè communication campaign, on-air starting April 14

MILAN, Italy – Today, Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, marks the launch of “#illyDreamers”, the new illycaffè communication campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi which focuses on the concept of the “dream”.

Dreams are able to touch people with their infectious positive charge. illycaffè also started with a dream: that of offering the best coffee in the world to give people a moment of happiness.

Enriched from generation to generation, changing but remaining faithful to its origins, today the dream of illy has triggered another push towards excellence, celebrated with a communication campaign that revolves around the brand and involves the entire world.

#illyDreamers recounts exactly this dream, which is shared and participated in by all the people that regularly contribute to making it come true: from Andrea Illy to the farmers that select and harvest the beans with passion and dedication, to the artists that have collaborated with the company for years, to the baristas that pay attention to the smallest details to offer the client a superb cup of coffee.

But not just that: the world of illy is also retold through the very products that attest to and transform that dream into an experience for the consumer, who in turn senses it, internalizes it and enjoys it daily.

For more than eighty years, we have carried forth my father’s and my grandfather’s dream, a dream that speaks to goodness and beauty. To be able to offer the best coffee in the world, we let our passion and obsession with quality take the lead, starting from the bean up to the espresso cup itself”, states Andrea Illy, President and CEO of illycaffè.

Our challenge is to be able to transform a small daily gesture, like drinking a coffee, into an extraordinary moment, loaded with sensations and emotions. Today, even more so than before, to mark the occasion of Expo 2015, we would like to share our dream with the entire world in the biggest celebration of coffee in history”.

“The biggest challenge to this campaign was to find the way to tell the story of a company that, for more than 80 years, has served the best coffee that nature can offer, around the entire world”, said Giuseppe Caiazza, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and France and Head of Automotive Business for S&S EMEA.

“From this, the idea of Dreamers was born, a format to tell the entire history of illy which I am sure will play an important role in confirming illy as a Lovemark® in Italy and the world”.

This multichannel communication campaign will involve the main national newspapers and radio broadcasters, websites, illycaffè social media and out of home advertising materials for billboards.


Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana

Art Director: Ignazio Morello

Copywriter: Lorenzo Terragna

Art Buyer: Rossana Coruzzi

Head of TV: Erica Lora-Lamia

TV Producer: Silvia Vittoria Biscotti

Account Supervisor: Ilaria Lorenzetti

Photographer: Ljubodrag Andric

Directors: Katerine Giguere and Ignazio Morello

HoP: Shadow & Shadow inc

Editing: Marcello Saurino

Music: “Easy Dreamer“ Composer:  Francesco Vitaloni – Publisher: Sing Sing Ltd.