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illycaffè signs agreement to buy coffee produced by Colombian ex-combatants

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Ascafé, an organization working with small coffee farmers in Cauca, has reached an agreement to provide work for ex-combatants who are now reintegrated and their families as coffee producers and job creators in the region.

Illycaffe SpA, one of the five most representative multinational corporations in the world coffee market, has decided to bet and support the social change process in Colombia. In the Cauca, a coffee purchase and knowledge transfer will be signed tomorrow.

According to this agreement, the purchase of the entire production of ex-combatants from the territorial areas of the reintegration of Caldono, Buenos Aires, Miranda, Algeria is guaranteed. Cajibío, Cauca.

A contract is guaranteed for the production cycle of silver, ie five years, extended when quality and quantity are reached.

Knowledge transfer is guaranteed to increase productivity and improve quality under the agreement with the Seine.

Efforts are also made to ensure that every excommunication becomes a leader who passes on knowledge to his community, helping them to develop and create jobs in their communities.

This agreement represents an investment of more than 13,000 million pesos during the execution of the procurement program.

The Italian company receives the first 100,000 kilos of dry parchment coffee produced by ex-combatants and their families.

The signing of the agreement will take place on Friday 18, 2018, in Popayán in the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Cauca. The President and CEO of IllyCafe Spa, Andrea Illy; Roberto Vélez, manager of the National Association of Coffee Growers; Óscar Rodrigo Campo, Governor of Cauca, as well as representatives of the UN.