Sunday 14 August 2022

illycaffè appoints new Board of Directors, reconfirms CEO and President

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TRIESTE, Italy – illycaffè ‘s annual shareholder meeting has appointed today the new Board of Directors, which will remain in office until 2021. Andrea Illy has been confirmed as the Board’s Chairman, while Massimiliano Pogliani has been again appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Enrico Tommaso Cucchiani, Founding Partner & CEO of TGI (‘Think Global’ Investments), is the new Deputy Chairman. With a proven track record of success during his 27-year tenure as CEO of several financial companies, Cucchiani has always kept a careful look at the financial performances of the firms he ran.

His reputation and connections in the international financial environment make him a prestigious addition to illycaffè’s Board of Directors, where his expertise will represent an important contribution.

The other board members are Anna Illy, appointed Chief Ethics Officer; Daria Illy, illycaffè executive, who has been recently appointed Coffee Culture Director; Massimiliano Pogliani, illycaffè Chief Executive Officer since 2016; Alberto Baldan, Grandi Stazioni Retail’s Chief Executive Officer; Roberto Cingolani, Scientific Director at Genova’s Italian Institute of Technology; Carolyn Dittmeier, advisory and audit expert; Roberto Eggs, Global CMO & COO at Moncler Group; Cristina Scocchia, KIKO’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Auditors will be chaired by Michela Del Piero, while the other members are Gabriella Chersicla and Pasquale Debidda.

Within the Board of Directors, three Committees were created: the Appointment & Remuneration Committee, the Internal Control & Risk Committee, the Sustainability Committee. Each of them consists of three non-executive and independent members.

Moreover Roberto Eggs was appointed Lead Independent Director among non-executive and independent members.

Anna Rossi Illy was appointed again Onorary Chairman.

The new governance structure, with 60% of independent members and inspired to self-discipline criteria, reflects illycaffè’s identity of independent enterprise, family-controlled but run by external managers – says Andrea Illy, illycaffè Chairman – The Board’s composition was conceived to focus with renewed commitment on specific areas. The most important one is sustainable quality, as we aim to adapt our policies to climate change-related issues – something on which we’ve been active for a longtime. We also want to re-affirm our commitment toward mitigation. As per our heritage, this includes continued innovation in our three “p” fields: process, packaging and preparation. In the coffee market, the radical shift from traditional coffee to experiential product is still ongoing: that’s why we decided to further focus on our own retail network and on portioned systems. Last but not least, we’ll continue to work on international development, particularly focusing on USA and China.

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