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illycaffè alongside Bocelli in the worldwide streamed event from the Teatro del Silenzio


TRIESTE, Italy – A pact of affinity that lasts over time brings illycaffè back to Andrea Bocelli’s side: it is also thanks to the support of the company that the extraordinary performance of the tenor in the magical setting of the Teatro del Silenzio, an amphitheater created to ideally coexist in the splendid landscape of the hills of Lajatico, came to life.

The company, which is committed to producing a high quality sustainable coffee, could not miss in this exciting event created by Andrea Bocelli, its global ambassador for three seasons, once again sealing the bond that unites them: the desire to perfect with daily dedication to offer the world the best of themselves.

There was no audience present, but the performance was be visible to everyone, broadcast worldwide on July 26th, and also published in a reduced “Best of” version on Facebook, Instagram channels and Twitter of the Maestro.

“With this initiative illycaffè wants to pay homage to one of the world’s best-known tenors, a professional who has dedicated his life to perfecting his voice to offer the world his best interpretations” says the company in a press release.

“His passion, love for what he does, patient attention to every detail make him the ideal interpreter of illycaffè’s values, which in turn is committed, in over 80 years of history, to perfecting its unique blend with the aspiration to offer the best coffee in the world.”