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“Il Polo del Caffè”: tax and simplification benefits and high speed are arriving to Nola

A view from the top of the structure

NOLA, Naples, Italy – After just one year of activity, Il Polo del Caffè, is already a consolidated reality at national level. Two important innovations, which will affect the Nola inland port in the coming months, are destined to further enrich and improve the quality of the services offered by Il Polo del Caffè.

In particular, the establishment of the Zes (Special Economic Zone), in which the Interporto Campano is included, with its tax and simplification benefits and the development project on the High-speed network of rail freight transport (TAC project).

Which will see the company Interporto Servizi Cargo become the first to use the new potential offered by the railway network.

Thus, one year later, after having tested the positive response of the market, the creators of the “Il Polo del Caffè” are already thinking about new goals.

Indeed, in just a few months, with the intuition of consolidating logistics services for coffee operators in a “hub”, a completely new market has ibeen created.

Giving them the opportunity to have a point of reference in southern Italy where they can store their goods; moreover, within an Interporto that offers advanced logistic and intermodal services and in any case capable of bridging the infrastructure gap with international competitors.

The results so far have proved that the intuition was right.

The Terminal area with the gates

Here is some data after one year activity:

  • Containers moved in/out in the supply chain: 1700 unit
  • Monthly avarage stock of green coffee into the warehouse: 4,600 tons
  • Handling on green coffee, in/out, about tons 20,000

It was not by chance if the privileged location and logistical efficiency of the Interporto Campano played a very important role and gqve added value in this exploit,

The place hosting Il Polo del Caffè has a complete set of infrastructures and services to support companies and customers, starting from safety. Element particularly requested by those operating in the coffee sector.

The warehouse

Great attention to safety

Indeed, the Interporto Campano has always paid grwat attention to this aspect, also thanks to the great sensitivity of the institutions: it is the proof that inside there are the Police Station, the Fire Station; the Customs Authority and Finance Police.

It should also not be forgotten that this is complemented by an automatic entrance monitoring system with license plate detectors and a modern video surveillance device with a centralized Control Room; without forgetting the presence of over 100 private security men around the clock, which allow people to operate in complete tranquility and safety.

The Control Room

The strategic position

A factor of no less importance, which add to the favorable and strategic position we operate. Factors that make the Interporto Campano and therefore Il Polo del Caffè easily accessible compared to the ports of Naples and Salerno with which there are on a stable connections.
In particular, the proximity of the Interporto Campano with the port of Napoli amplifies the back port function. Which will be even more relevant in Zes (Special Economic Zone).

A 30-kg bag of Specialty coffee coming from Honduras

Great attention is also paid to the storage and distribution of Specialty coffees, which require proper attention in the various step of control. At Il Polo del Caffè Specialty Coffees have dedicated space for storage as well as different way for tracing and dispatching, even if one lot is one bag!

Handling Specialty Coffees

An increasingly integrated supply chain

And now Il Polo del Caffè is ready for new the next step: offering an increasingly integrated coffee supply chain, to optimize the logistics of companies up to the final distribution… so managing the shipments of green coffee from origins bringing in the warehouse, process it,send it to the roasters and then receiving the finish product to be distributed to any place, in Italy.

A perfect combination of intermodality

Il Polo del Caffè The Polo carries out stock control through rigid procedures that will soon converge together with other processes, in the Quality system certifications.
The key to success is the perfect combination of intermodality, thanks to the presence of an Intermodal Terminal directly connected to the internal Railway Station, itself daily connected with any place in Europe.

The Intermodal Terminal

With these bases, the idea of establishing a “coffee hub” in the Interporto Campano, capable to provide logistics services to various operators found a favorable and rapid response in the market, not only in Campania, but also nationally and internationally.

Il Polo del Caffè sets new goals to support the entire “logistics chain” of coffee, responding to the ever-increasing market demand.

The internal railway station

Advanced tools

Today, the ZES and the and intermodal programs of the Interporto Campano, through its di subsidiary Interporto Servizi Cargo, open new and interesting prospects for operators who can rely on cutting-edge tools in the settlement of Nola.

The TAC project will bring Naples even closer to Europe. As said, by the end of 2019 ISC will be the first railway company authorized to use, for cargo trains, the High Capacity and High Speed railway line.
It will finally allow the P400 mega-trailers for the main north line to be transported by rail on the Tyrrhenian coast, as works already on the Adriatic coast, overcoming the current structural limitations of the historic railway line, in particular of the Apennine tunnels on this line.

Rosario Carafa, CEO of Il Polo del Caffè

“Il Polo del Caffè would like to thank all its domestic and foreign customers who believed in this project, and who continue to trust in its business organization – said Rosario Carafa, CEO of Il Polo del Caffè. This in the full awareness that the commercial development and growth of our business is supported by reliable operators and well placed in highly prestigious operational contexts such as the Interporto Campano in Nola”