Saturday 13 August 2022

Iconic NYC Book Store welcomes Brooklyn Roasting Company specialty coffee

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EAST VILLAGE, N.Y., USA – On Saturday, June 25th the Strand Book Store will celebrate it’s 95th year as the largest independent bookstore in New York City. Nestled deeply in the heart of the Village, the Strand Bookstore has brought some of the greatest literary leaders, artists and bohemian types together for nearly a century.

The landscape of the Village has changed over the decades, from Beatniks, to millennials, and the streets that were once filled with gas-fueled cars have now been replaced with electric cars and bicycles. One thing that has remained is the coffee house culture, the cross section of where the new generation of hippies and business culture of today meet to share in a communal cup of Joe.

Now, for the first time since it’s opening in 1927, the Strand flagship store is proud to welcome one of the finest coffee makers in the world to share a cup of coffee while getting lost in the stacks. “Bringing coffee to our customers has been a long-time dream for The Strand,” stated Laura Ravo, Strand Books, COO.

“When we made the decision to add it to our store, we sought to bring customers the most authentic coffee experience and Brooklyn Roasting Company fit that vision perfectly. Furthermore, Brooklyn Roasting Company shares many of the Strand’s principles. They deliver a quality product, care about the New York and provide excellent customer service; while giving back through conscientious charitable contributions to further the arts, literature and music in our city.”

The Brooklyn Roasting Company, founded in 2009 is now New York City’s leader in the homegrown coffee business, and recently voted as the 2022 Best Overall Fair-Trade Coffee by TreeHugger. Jim Munson, Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Founder and CEO reports, “I’ve enjoyed drinking coffee and reading books for most of my life.

It only makes sense to embrace a partnership between the coffee company I’ve built and my favorite New York City independent bookseller, the Strand. Both coffee and books feed the life of the mind, and the lives of so many thoughtful New Yorkers. Our sustainably-sourced coffees mirror the Strand’s customer base with a wide range of rich and diverse flavor palettes, presented to customers unpretentiously.”

About The Strand Book Store

Strand Book Store is the landmark independent book store of New York City. With nearly 100 years of history and a global community of support; Strand Books is part of the New York landscape attracting book lovers from every corner of the world. Within its walls, Strand houses thousands of books ranging from new and rare books, hard to find art and photography books, souvenirs, hosts best- selling author events and more. For further information visit:

About Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company sources and serves superb and sustainable specialty grade coffee from the world’s most renowned growing regions. We are serious, not snobby. Like Brooklyn, we are bold, brave, colorful and creative.

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