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ICO – Exports down 6.4% on year in August

LONDON – World coffee exports amounted to 8.63 million bags in August 2013, compared with 9.22 million in August 2012, down 6.41% (-591,518 bags) on year, the ICO reports in its monthly statistics released yesterday.

Exports in the 11 months of coffee year 2012/13 (Oct/12 to Aug/13) have increased by 2.7% to 102.4 million bags compared to 99.67 million bags in the same period during the last coffee year.

In the twelve months ending August 2013, exports of Arabica totalled 68.81 million bags compared to 66.95 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 41.82 million bags compared to 40.43 million bags.

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Export August