Sunday 14 August 2022

Ice Futures Europe suspends a Louis Dreyfus certified warehouse in Antwerp

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LONDON, UK – Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE) suspended a Louis Dreyfus Co. certified warehouse for storage of Robusta coffee and cocoa. The 4Stox depot in the Belgian port city of Antwerp has been taken off the list of approved storage facilities until further notice, report media sources.

Louis Dreyfus said the Antwerp suspension is due to a continuing review at its warehousing subsidiary called Ilomar.

In early October, ICE suspended 4Stox Barcelona as well as Louis Dreyfus-owned warehouse Molenbergnatie Espana from activities “until further notice.

Louis Dreyfus-owned Ilomar manages warehouses in Antwerp through its 4Stox and Molenbergnatie subsidiaries. While Molenbergnatie’ s Barcelona operations were suspended, its Belgian warehouses haven’t been affected by any suspensions.

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