EXPO – 9 – TRIESTESPRESSO / 6 – HYbrid Astoria: The machine from the future that sticks to tradition

    Astoria is revolutionizing the world of coffee machines by introducing the HYbrid, the
    Italian espresso coffee machine that can live up to the performance of future professionals,
    thanks to a unique design developed by CMA.

    Thanks to its revolutionary technology, HYbrid represents a significant innovation for the
    market in terms of the method of producing a good espresso: it is the link connecting the
    great tradition of Italian espresso coffee with the ease of use of a fully-automatic machine.

    The authentic taste of the future. The HYbrid offers the same quality in the cup as a
    traditional machine, combining great convenience with the unmistakable aroma of a true
    traditional Italian espresso. The new invention from Astoria maintains the pleasure of
    tradition, guaranteeing excellent results even from less expert baristas, thanks to intuitive
    motions and an ergonomic design.

    This machine is a steady ally, thanks to its highly automated functions and the ergonomic placing of the filter holder with an automatic blocking system that can guarantee maximum reliability under heavy workloads.

    Espresso for experts, 2.0. Developed to ensure an outstanding performance in
    environments characterized by high output and usage due to staff turnover, HYbrid
    combines high productivity with the unmistakable style and elegance of Astoria,
    embodying the contemporary evolution of espresso coffee machines. Manual skills and
    understanding of technology interact harmoniously to produce an excellent quality, so that
    the machine is no longer just a simple instrument in the hands of the barista but also his
    new co-star in the art of Italian coffee. HYbrid is the first machine in its category to
    emphasize the manual skill of the professional barista, reproducing the familiar motions
    connected with espresso preparation.

    Ingenious inside, Italian outside. The happy coexistence between the future and tradition is
    also expressed in the aesthetic personality of the HYbrid, with visible brewing groups and
    removable filter holders, an ample work surface, and a user-friendly touch screen control
    panel. The excellent temperature stability and highly reliable compression mechanism are
    the barista’s best allies on a day marked by a frantic and fast-moving work pace. All this is
    brought together in a compact form designed to save valuable space, lending efficiency
    and practicality to the working environment.

    HY: In this new concept machine, everything has been brought up to the highest
    Traditional method + Fully automatic = New HYbrid method
    Sliding ergonomic insertion of the portafilter
    An automatic active blocking system vs. a manual hooking-on
    Highly-automated operations
    High standard levels throughout a busy day
    The coffee bean hopper is connected to an automatic grinder
    Automatic loading and optimal compression of the coffee
    Optimal thermal conduction
    High quality in the cup
    Spacious working surface
    More free space on the counter
    A more practical working environment
    Visible coffee beans, brewing group and removable portafilter
    Futuristic shape
    Touch screen control panel and USB service port
    Cool touch steam wand
    Fixed position of the barista
    Less displacement with more performance

    Giovanni Rossetto – Astoria Technical Manager: “The HYbrid project grew out of the
    desire to offer the market something completely new, incorporating both the best of the
    traditional professional-style coffee machine and the advantages of the fully automatic

    The most obvious innovation involves the use of the portafilter combined with the integration
    of the coffee grinder inside the professional-style coffee machine, which overcomes one of
    the limits of the fully automatic machine: the cleaning of the infusion chamber.

    In fully automatic machines, the cleaning is performed by specific wash cycles without the
    possibility of routine intervention by the user, which increases the risk of serving a coffee with
    a bitter aftertaste or hints of burnt flavor. The use of the portafilter gives the barista control
    over emptying the used coffee and allows him or her to follow established procedures for
    cleaning the filters.

    Another limitation of the fully automatic machine is that the infusion chamber is not well
    suited to enabling the delivery of a single or double shot with uniform quality in the cup. The
    use of a portafilter, however, ensures the same flexibility as offered by traditional machines
    because the filter itself is shaped to contain the correct amount of ground coffee.

    Another advantage of HYbrid is the ergonomic attachment of the portafilter, thanks to the
    replacement of traditional rotary insertion with frontal insertion. A special feature of the
    version with one brew group is the introduction of a portafilter heater, positioned next to the
    hopper, which allows the portafilter to be kept at the correct temperature when not in use so
    that it is ready to guarantee a perfect shot at any time.

    In contrast with traditional machines, HYbrid, without taking up additional counter space,
    offers all the benefits of on-demand grinding, that is, placing the right amount of freshly
    ground coffee in the portafilter and pressing it into the filter without taking up the barista’s
    time. This process ensures that all the organoleptic properties of the ground coffee are

    HYbrid’s sophisticated electronic controls allow the user to set the optimal amount of ground
    coffee and adjust the pump flow rate independently for each beverage selected from the
    touchscreen display.All these features make this the perfect machine to produce excellent

    Finally, the integration of the system for automatically frothing fresh milk directly into the cup
    and the programmable display of stored beverages allows the automatic creation of an
    infinite number of coffee + milk beverages, enabling less-expert users to better meet many of
    their clients’ needs.”

    Stefano Stecca – Astoria Commercial Director: “In light of the results attained at the
    trade shows we can already say that HYbrid will significantly enhance the image of the
    Astoria brand. The industry experts have recognized that it is an absolute innovation. The
    positioning of the Astoria brand, already synonymous with the highest level of quality, will
    also benefit: HYbrid will confirm that we are one of the most innovative companies in the

    HYbrid is a sophisticated object with a unique design: a futuristic product, but also usable
    and emotional. The video project conveys this concept through a careful study of detail
    and contrasts in lighting. The interweaving of two planes – an unreal limbo, where HYbrid
    takes shape as a true object of desire, and a concrete experiential level, focused on the
    innovative features of the machine – creates a unique impression, supported by a main
    video with behind-the-scenes footage and a series of micro-videos about the features of
    the machine.

    Discover the world of HYbrid and explore the machine in 3D at: www.hybridastoria.com

    Astoria Think Espresso
    A historic brand in the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines, Astoria is synonymous with excellence
    thanks to a cutting-edge industrial philosophy. The company’s central nervous system, the general headquarters in Susegana (Treviso, Italy) is actually the largest factory for espresso coffee machines in the world. Inaugurated in 2007, the establishment boasts a productive surface area of 20,000 square meters and is a perfect example of production process management and energy savings. Astoria’s international dimension expands to 130 countries and five continents, with affiliates in the USA, France and Romania.

    Astoria Plus for you

    A symbol of technological excellence and of Astoria’s Green philosophy is the Plus4You espresso machine, the flagship product from the Green Line, a revolutionary series of energy saving espresso coffee machines. By using separate boilers for each individual brewing group and a system that memorizes workloads, this machine can achieve certified energy savings of 47.6% in stand by mode and 30% when in use. Astoria has decided to give additional value to the Plus4You by supporting the children of South America in collaboration with the non-profit organization Coffee Kids.

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