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Hugo Coffee Roasters introduces biodegradable Single-Serve Brew Bags

Hugo Coffee Roasters Single-Serve Brew Bags

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, U.S. — Hugo Coffee Roasters announces the launch of their new product, Single-Serve Brew Bags. These eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, compostable brew bags, allow coffee lovers an easy way to enjoy a single-serve cup of Hugo’s two most popular coffee roasts in just a 3-minute steep. “I love a great cup of coffee, but I was never really wild about any of the prospects for an easy cup of coffee for one,” says Claudia McMullin, owner of Hugo Coffee Roasters.

“The choices were either bad instant, so-so disposable pods, or lugging a grinder and your choice of complicated coffee apparatus to make a good cup.”

Hugo’s Single-Serving Brew Bag is available in both Bonafido dark roast and Roll Over breakfast blend. The ease of enjoying our high-quality coffee has never been easier.

Enjoy great-tasting coffee, anytime, anywhere. No more dehydrated crystals on your next camping trip or hike; just toss a few brew bags in your pack and add 8-10 oz of hot water.

“We finally found a way to make an amazing cup of coffee that you can take on the trail, to the office, or just use at home,” McMullin said. “The flavor is there, and it’s easy!”

Hugo Coffee Roasters single-serve brew coffee tea bags are designed to steep in water, much like a French press.

No more plastic pods filling up our landfills— just rich, delicious coffee with little, yet biodegradable, waste. The best part? we donate 10% of net profits to dog rescue organizations as part of our mission to save dogs.

About Hugo Coffee Roasters

Claudia McMullin founded Hugo Coffee Roasters in 2015, inspired by Claudia’s rescue dog, Hugo. This woman-owned business has a social mission to save dogs by roasting and selling fair-trade, organic coffee. The company gives back ten percent of its profits quarterly to various animal rescues, such as Best Friends Animal Society, Nuzzles and Co., and Paws for Life. Visit https://hugo.coffee for more information