Tuesday 04 October 2022

Single-serve Steeped Coffee brewing brings convenience to the new normal

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SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, U.S. – From the way people do business to the smallest everyday rituals, life has changed immeasurably whether at work, at home, or while venturing out. As people are settling into this new normal, a simple cup of premium coffee is still within reach, yet contactless, thanks to individual single-serve Steeped Coffee Packs (steepedcoffee.com).

The Steeped Brewing Method doesn’t require a machine, grinder, or specialty equipment to prepare craft coffee one cup at a time. Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Packs only need hot water to make a fresh cup of barista-approved coffee. Each pack contains hand-roasted, micro-batched coffee that is nitro-sealed to guarantee ultimate freshness and quality, and all packs feature award-winning fully compostable packaging.

Steeped Coffee is the great equalizer for the at-home coffee experience, eliminating the need for specific brewing setups. The company’s proprietary brewing method also bypasses any risks of using a communal coffee pot — welcome news for anyone working in social spaces.

“In a world where the elimination of a workplace coffee station is under consideration by many,” writes industry expert Bob Tullio in Vending Market Watch, “Steeped Coffee becomes an instant solution for the new break room. The packets can be waiting at an employee’s desk, and they can even make the coffee by using their own hot water kettle.”

Steeped Coffee offers Light Roast, Medium, Dark, French Roast, and a noteworthy single-origin Swiss Water Processed Decaf. All coffees are available for home or office delivery by Amazon and through the Steeped website, which includes a subscription service. “It’s an easy addition to the ‘work at home amenity packages’ that are being discussed with regularity these days,” Tullio says. “Steeped will meet the immediate requirement of a touch-free coffee solution.”

Steeped, Inc., a California-based Certified B Corporation, recently launched a special initiative to lift the spirits of workers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. Through its ‘You Give, We Give’ program, the company matched every pack gifted and delivered directly to hospitals, fire and police stations, clinics, and care centers across California, gaining attention from multiple celebrities who gifted over 50 thousand packs to recharge and encouraged healthcare professionals with contactless specialty coffee. “The past few months have been very strenuous at the hospital, and I always try to keep Steeped Coffee handy at the nurse’s station for me and my coworkers. It’s fast and delicious and helps me tackle all 12 hrs of my shift,” Alie S., Registered Nurse, Oakland, CA.

The startup was founded on the philosophy of Purpose Beyond Profit. This is great news for anyone trying to find routine comfort these days in a simple cup of coffee.

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