Saturday 25 May 2024
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Hot market for iced beverages in the UK, turnover rose by 18% in 2016

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TME - Cialdy Evo

LONDON, UK – The overall value of the iced and blended beverages market in UK coffee shops has grown by 18% p.a. in 2016 to reach an estimated £338 million turnover, according to the latest research by Allegra World Coffee Portal.

The category currently accounts for 3.8% of the total coffee shop market sales, an increase from 3.6% sales share in 2015.

La Cimbali

The Iced Beverages 2017 report, part of the Project Café UK Series from Allegra, observes that sales growth in the iced and blended beverages category has outperformed the growth in the overall coffee shop sector, which increased by 12% to hit £8.9 billion turnover in 2016.

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