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Hot Chocolate Award winners announced by International Chocolate Salon

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, U.S. — With the weather as cold as it has been around the Northern Hemisphere, it is good to know that there is great hot chocolate available to soothe and comfort the mind and body.

TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon have selected some of the top hot cocoa and drinking chocolates from around the World.

To help those seeking help to face the brisk seasonal temperatures (or perhaps just a bad day), this year’s winner rankings and ratings for the Best Hot Cocoa and Drinking Chocolate Awards have been released at www.HotChocolateAwards.com.

4th Annual Hot Chocolate Award Winners include:

– Chuao Chocolatier Spicy Maya
– DAGOBA Organic Chocolate Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate with Chilies and Cinnamon
– Quintessential Chocolates Co., Inc. “Chocolat’s Elixer”
– Co Couture 60% classic organic hot chocolate mix
– CACOCO, Inc. Fire Walker
– Co Couture 70% classic organic hot chocolate mix
– CACOCO, Inc. Midnight Mystic
– Éclat Chocolate Hot Chocolate Reims
– Amano Artisan Chocolate
– CACOCO, Inc. The Original
– Maribel Sweets Inc aztec 65% hot chocolate
– Ticket Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate on a Stick

To see more about the Hot Chocolate Awards, as well as the various rankings in specific awards categories such as Taste, Texture, and Ingredient Combinations, go to www.HotChocolateAwards.com or here: http://www.internationalchocolatesalon.com/4th-annual-hot-chocolate-award-winners/