Monday 24 January 2022

Host’s Ambassadors offer their expert insights into the latest coffee trends

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MILAN – Coffee is taking over the whole world: confirmation of this comes from the Host Ambassadors, who, offer their expert insights into the very latest trends in their countries. What makes the scenario even more interesting is that they are all at different stages in the evolution of the coffee market. From Hong Kong and Dubai, taking their first steps in the third wave, to nations like advanced Canada and an Australia that already has its sights set on the future.

In Hong Kong’s coffee culture people are becoming more educated about different types of coffee . “Many people are looking for a fresh coffee bean and a cup of good coffee,” reports Phoenix Kwok from China. “I think that in Hong Kong just as elsewhere you can get some nice surprises, not just based on the typical Italian espresso.”

Sana Chikhalia describes the exciting scene in Dubai, where “finer coffee brands are being preferred over the big coffee chains as there are so many passionate coffee drinkers who prefer nothing but the best. Coffee machines are everyone’s dream and these days they are not only trending but also offer the challenge of how to have a more space-efficient machine which has not one but quite a few functions.”

Canada’s well-established coffee culture is involving the whole world of Ho.Re.Ca, says Ayngelina Brogan: “More and more restaurants are expected to brew coffee that is better than simply drip coffee. It is more common to find an espresso machine at a restaurant, and smaller cafes that cannot invest in one are using traditional French presses that are served to a table with a timer to let guests know when the coffee is ready. Some restaurant suppliers are also offering espresso machines that do not require the machine to be directly attached to a water pipe.”

A glimpse of developments in that other country with a dynamic, highly advanced, coffee market – Australia – is provided by expert Kerri McConnel: “Over the past two years, coffee, always a big thing in Australia, has just gained more and more popularity. Cafes are opening in record numbers and there is extreme competition in the market to stand out. This is driving innovation in the market to create loyalties and drive customer service. This success is being strengthened by the younger generations who are drinking coffee more than any generation before them.

This is driving innovation as cafes, bars and restaurants focus on the things that are important to these young coffee drinkers, for example “ready-to-drink” coffees, like cold brews, which are quick and easy to buy, available in environmentally friendly glass bottles, and sweetened.

The drinking of “sweet coffee” is also a change: the older generations are less likely to drink a coffee shake or a flavoured latte. Flavoured, coloured lattes are a trend that is just starting to be seen.”

As for sustainability: “Cafes are finding that they have to start offering reusable cups, and providing coffee to people that arrive at their cafe with their own cup. There is a café in Melbourne Australia which has stopped serving takeaway coffee. It will be interesting to see if this is a trend that catches on. Consumers are also focusing more on the quality of coffee, and specialty coffees are popping up everywhere.

Cold filtered and cold drip coffees started trending in the past two years and will continue, but in 2019, coffee shakes, flavoured lattes and ready-to-drink coffees will also grow. So too will the rise of Fair Trade and sustainably grown coffee. Nitro coffee will develop further and the use of coffee in cocktails will increase. Over the past few years, the use of other milks (soy, almond) have become firmly entrenched on the Australian market, but in 2019 more milks will be asked for including cashew, rice, coconut, oat and macadamia milk.”

The environment is one of the big trends now: “Built-in water filtration systems are increasingly used as businesses focus more on delivering lower cost water that is once again environmentally friendly. Single use plastics have drawn major attention here over the past 12 months and will continue to do so.”

As for equipment: “portable coffee machines are on the rise. People are taking their espresso machines camping and to holiday apartments and AirBnBs. Weighing machines will start to make an entry into the market in a bigger way as baristas start to weigh speciality coffees in order to make the perfect brew Grinders and automated milk taps are also emerging.”

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