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Hostmilano to showcase the storytelling of Iginio Massari, the Luxury Pastry Chef

MILAN — What does the future hold for pastry? What role will technology play? What can we learn from the biggest international pastry chefs? But above all, how can we effectively “communicate” all that is sweet, especially at the high end of the market? All the secrets of the “storytelling” of Third Millennium Pastry will be revealed at Hostmilano (at fieramilano, from 18 to 22 October 2019) illustrated, but above all told, by the Master of Italian master pastry chefs: Iginio Massari.

In collaboration with the leading international Ho.Re.Ca. exhibition, a chef who, for so many, is the true representative of Italian pastry abroad, will bring to life one of the “symbolic” events of Hostmilano. A five-day show, seminars and tastings with global pastry stars, with a title that speaks for itself.

The brand new event, “Pasticceria di lusso nel mondo by Iginio Massari” (Luxury pastry in the world by Iginio Massari) is underway

A simple, linear format, but one which is sure to hold the attention of professionals and sector operators for the duration of the event. Under the constant supervision of the Master, who will not only be present throughout “Pasticceria di lusso nel mondo”, but will also personally deliver several of the demonstrations and talks, the HostMilano event will also feature appearances from over 20 of the world’s most famous pastry chefs.

Each of them – “I chose them all personally, it is a great honour for me to be a primus inter pares in this situation”, Massariis keen to stress – will have a 1 hour slot, between the showcooking in the very truest sense of the word, and the tasting.

“The goal we are setting ourselves”, adds Massari, “is to effectively communicate what it means to make luxury pastry today. Although, as far as I am concerned, high-quality pastry must always be available to everyone”. No improvisation and space only for professionals who love detail and “beauty”.

In short, the pastry in the Third Millennium will not only be “good”, but will see the definitive victory of ingredients such as competence, technical ability and creativity. The words of Iginio Massari, who also feels, however, that all of this, alone, is not enough: “Without proper promotion, one does not go anywhere. Things have changed compared to the not so distant past, when word of mouth alone worked very well. Today we must insist on everything that is communication… without of course forgetting the combination of technology and innovation”.

With the SMART Label Host Innovation award, excellence returns to centre stage

Technology and innovation. A combination that has always been part of Hostmilano’s DNA and that will also be the main theme for the SMART Label, Host Innovation awardthis October, the competition dedicated to excellence organised by Fiera Milano and HostMilano, in collaboration with POLI.Design , Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano under the patronage of ADI – Italian Association for Industrial Design, which this year has already set a new record, receiving 216 applications, up from 176 in 2017.

But that’s not all, because the 2019 event will also feature Iginio Massari himself – the chef has been invited to join the panel of judgesalongside national and international professors, professionals and experts in design, hospitality and energy saving, to select the most promising products, services and candidate projectsbased on several key elements: the product or service efficiency, the product performance or service usability, technological innovation and user benefits.

Over the last three editions, the SMART Label Host Innovation Award has presented over 150 prizes and 20 special mentionsto key players in Italian and international hospitality.

For updates, go to www.host.fieramilano.it/en, @HostMilano, #Host2019.