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HostMilano 2021: a full agenda of events and competitions at the Coffee Village by Altoga

HostMilano 2021

MILAN — The biennial HostMilano fair will take place from 22 to 26 October 2021 where the major representatives of the Horeca world will be present with stands, events and news from the coffee sector. The events of the last edition, present at the Villaggio del Caffè coordinated by Altoga, had great media exposure, in particular the editions of the Latte Art Grading World Championship and the national final of the Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana which will also follow in the next edition of HostMilano 2021.

The program of the five days of HostMilano 2021 is expected to be very full of appointments and events in a large fair of over 300 square meters.

Here are the main events for the next edition at HostMilano:

VII Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana

Now in its seventh edition with an extremely high level of barista competitors who in the previous edition have shown that the Italian coffee shop has grown both in technical quality and creativity in the development of new recipes that have taken into account Italian food and wine: a fundamental rule of this competition.

The 22nd of October will see the challenge between the 15 semi-finalists from the Italian regions, followed by the final on 23rd October with 7 finalist competitors who have passed the evaluation of the super-judges of the Gran Premio to decree the Miglior Maestro del caffè Italiano 2021.

Aicaf, with the support of Altoga, which is in charge of organizing this national event, is already working to find the 15 baristas who will represent the Italian espresso and the Italian coffee of excellence.

The selections which generally take place at physical locations in Italy will, due to the Covid emergency situation, be made in virtual mode, and therefore it is possible for bartenders, who are interested in participating in this competition, to register on the following form

II Latte Art Grading Italian Championship

The “hunt” for the best Italian latte artists has already begun last year, 3 for each stage, each of different levels as required by the LAGS regulation. Those who emerge from the selections will compete in the national final of Host on 24 October 2021. The best of the green, red and black and gold categories will then have access to the WLAGS BATTLE the next day. Info and registration for the Battle through the website (Italian section) https://www.latteartgrading.com/campionato.php?mesg=1

II Wlags Battle (Wordl Latte Art Grading System Battle)

Second edition of the Latte Art Grding World Championship, the system which has been present in 30 countries around the world for over 4 years, will see the best latte artists compete on the Host stage on 25 October 2021. The best international Lags judges will decide who will be the barista who has the more precise “hand” in making the patterns as required by the competition rules which last year was revised to make the competition even more linear and exciting. Baristas wishing to participate in the world competition can do so via the following link: https://www.latteartgrading.com/en/championship.php

Coffee Addition – The Itinerary Event

A successful itinerant event that snaked through the various stands of Host with over 25 events in the 2018 edition and also back in 2021, but more full of content and news studied by Aicaf with the thundering hand of Gianni Cocco who will bring once again a wave of innovations and guests also in this edition thanks to the work done for the media in 2019-2020 on Rete 4 during the “Sempre Verde” television broadcast.

Coffee, chocolate, cocoa, spices and many other ingredients of our territory will merge in myriads of classic and modern techniques to present new recipes to its customers always looking for novelty.

Coffee Tasting Corner

There will also be the presence of the roasters from ALTOGA (National Association of Roasters and Food Wholesalers) who, with the Aicaf baristas, will prepare espresso and more, with different blends and single origins to delight the palates of expert customers.

Partners & Support

There are also many partners who will support the events of Host 2021, many of which are confirmed as early as 2019. Anyone interested in supporting the events or being present with their products or services can contact the Altoga Administrative Office at [email protected] it or to the number +39 027750232.