Tuesday 04 October 2022

Host showcases solutions for the hybrid establishment: bar, gelateria and pastry shop

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MILAN, Italy – Attractive aromas and artistic creations that were not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes, with crossovers from some of the other major parts of Host 2019, such as design and foodservice.

There was plenty going on in the macro area that brings together worlds that are conceptually alike, namely coffee, tea, bars, gelato and pastry.

All the sessions were full, and there was an exceptionally high level of interest in the event entitled “Luxury Pastry in the World by Iginio Massari”. On the stage, personally selected by the master pastry chef himself, were big names not just from Italy but from countries like Belgium, France and Japan.

They included Davide Comaschi, Gino Fabbri, Pascal Lac, Pierre Marcolini, Lucien Moutarlier and Norihiko Terai. Master Massari himself received an award from HostMilano for the ongoing passion he shows in the world of pastry making and his attention to innovation and hi-tech developments.

There was great satisfaction also from the professional visitors. Because as well as experience and training, this edition was also very much about business.

The liveliest countries here were the USA, Canada, the Middle East and “newcomer” Latin America.

“Our firm is involved chiefly in gelato,” said the Australian company Oppenheimer, “and we are always very attentive to the new trends that come from Italy. This is the second time we’ve been to Host and we will certainly be coming again, because here we find a lot of interesting new ideas to extend our product range and, more importantly, we find everything we need under one roof.”

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