Thursday 30 June 2022

Host 2015 – Pack-ital: customized packaging for demanding customers

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Pack- Ital Ltd. is a company fully operational more than a year. It was constituted with the aim to give technological and quality support to all customers that require single-portion packaging.

Pack-ital, using competent personnel with many years of experience, is specialized particularly in packaging of coffee in all different blends request by the customer including coffee decaffeinated.

The packaging can be customized with the client’s brand .

We use the latest generation of materials , thermoformed in PP-EVOH-PP ,for self-protected capsules , compatible with Nespresso, Lavazza A Modo Mio and Lavazza Blue.

Our capsules have a guaranteed shelf-life of 24 months, excellent performance in the use and minimum dimensions for storage and transport.

In detail our products are:

1. Capsules compatible with Nespresso machine, from 5,2 gr to 5,8 gr, in barrier material with shelf-life guaranteed 24 months. The coffee beans received from the customer is ground and packaged, after a degassing process carried with automatic system, in order to obtain a performance qualitatively optimal. The product is innovative and is the only one currently on the market with these specifications.The capsules, in addition to an excellent performance in dispensing of the coffee, offer various other advantages, like as minimum space for storage and optimization in pallet (eg. A pallet Epal 80×120 height 200 cm carries up to 32,000 capsules).

2. Capsules compatible Lavazza A Modo Mio and Blue from 7.5gr to 8,5gr, even made in barrier material with shelf -life guaranteed up to 24 months. In this case too the packaging process and the advantages are the same as those described above.

3. Sachets of decaffeinated coffee from 6,25gr up to 7,5gr in vacuum sealed and packed in boxes of 40 and / or 50 pcs. Then can be heatshrink in multiboxes according to customer requirements.

Come to visit us at Host 2015, pavilion 22, Stand P72

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